He stayed for supper. Ouma was surprised to see him again, but I told her he’d come to see if we were OK after the shock of his news. Peter did well, swallowed, looked politely concerned and patted Ouma gently on the shoulder. “I’m sorry,” he said. “It must have been a real shock.”

Supper wasn’t so easy though. When I tried to bring up Melissa and what had happened again, how we should go to the police, or at least try to find out more, Ouma’s eyes filled with tears and Oupi’s voice went quiet, the way it does when he’s seriously angry.

“That’s enough, Charlene,” he said.

My cheeks burned and I lowered my eyes. I hated it when he treated me like a little kid.

Oupi looked at his watch. “It was very kind of you to come Peter, but I’m afraid Mrs Peters and I have to leave. There’s a meeting at the civic centre to discuss the increased rates.”

I shot a glance at Peter, wished I could kick him under the table. Selvin Cupido would have to go to that, I was sure of it. I couldn’t ask Oupi though. I knew better than to make him really angry. Being grounded for weeks wouldn’t suit my agenda at all. Not when there was snooping to be done next door.

“Charlene,” Ouma called as she opened the front door, “see Peter out and do the dishes please. Then straight to bed.”

As the door closed behind her I turned to Peter with a huge grin on my face. “Fab,” I said. “No time like the present.”

“To do the dishes?” he said. “You want me to help you?”

Flip. Sometimes these bright guys can be incredibly slow.

“Didn’t you hear my grandfather? Civic centre, meeting, rates. Selvin Cupido’s a councillor. He’s bound to be there.”

I grabbed him by the hand. “But just to be sure…”

We sat on the bench again, shivering in the early evening air.

“I must be mad,” Peter said.

I giggled. “It’s catching,” I said.

He slipped an arm around my shoulders. “Freezing out here,” he said.

I snuggled in under his arm, then stiffened. “Shh. Peter. There he is.”

Selvin was locking his front door. Hurrying to his car. I don’t know if he spotted us sitting there in the dark, but if he had he’d have seen two kids glued to each other. Pretty convincing. What he wouldn’t have seen though was that while Peter Cho was doing a very good job of kissing me, I had my eyes wide open.

“He’s getting into his car,” I breathed. Selvin Cupido’s Audi growled into life. “OK. Just a few seconds more and we can make our move.”

Peter Cho stroked a strand of hair from my face and tucked it behind my ear.

“I could get used to this, Charlene,” he said.

“So could I,” I smiled. “But later. Come on,” I tugged his hand. “Let’s have a look.”


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