“Now that was a good session guys,” I said, placing the X-box controller beside me as I sank back in the living room couch. “Seriously Chloe, for a girl you really are a pro at Hero Fighters.”

My compliment was met by a stern look from Chloe.

“Fine! You’re a pro… period,” I corrected myself.

“Thank you,” she returned, and gave me a cute smile.

Chloe and I were chilling at Josh’s house this time. I was having a blast, even though I knew Chloe really didn’t like video games that much. She probably only played them when she was with Josh and I. But being the person she was, she claimed to enjoy them.

“Hey Josh, where did you say the toilet is again?” said Chloe as she got up.

“Last door down the passage, on your right.” As Chloe left Josh stared at me.

“What?” I queried.

“Dude, I think Chloe might… you know… like you,” he said, running his hand through his long blonde hair, hair that had no style whatsoever. It was like his mom had put a bowl on his head and cut around it. I couldn’t help but let out a low chuckle.

“Come on Josh, last week you said Amy smiled at me and til now nothing has happened,” I replied.

“I know, I know. Last week was probably a mistake. But I’m certain about this. Chloe and you are meant for each other.”

“How many years have we been friends? Don’t you think I would have noticed something by now? Besides she…” Before I could finish the door opened and Josh’s mom called me.

“I have to take you home – it’s urgent,” she said anxiously.

“I’ll tell Chloe you said bye,” said Josh.

I didn’t dare ask questions. I was too nervous. What had happened at home? We were silent as we drove down the road. I peered out the car window. It was almost completely dark outside. I was scared.

There were two police vans in front of my house. Josh’s mother walked into the house with me and we found two policemen talking to my mom. I let out a huge sigh of relief – at least mom was OK. Josh’s mother waved goodbye and left.

“Is this your son?” one of the police officers asked, turning to me.

“Yes,” Mom answered. I desperately tried to overhear the conversation, but I couldn’t make out a thing. A few minutes later the police officer drove off.

“Mom!” I ran up to her. There were tears running down her cheeks.


Tell us what you think: Why do you think his mom is crying? Do you think Chloe wants to be more than just a friend?