Thembi can’t sleep. She calls out to Mommy. “Mommy, I miss Grandpa. My heart is so sore!”

Thembi and Thulani are eating breakfast when Daddy walks in with a big, big, big cardboard tree.

“This is a memory tree,” says Daddy. He sticks the cardboard tree on the wall.

Mommy has a box of photos. “Take your favourite pictures of Grandpa Nathi
and stick them on the tree.”

Together they all stick pictures
of Grandpa Nathi onto the tree. They remember the fun times they had.

Thembi claps excitedly. “This is my new favourite tree!”

Daddy smiles. “Now anytime we want to remember Grandpa Nathi, we can come to our memory tree.”

“We will never forget Grandpa Nathi. He will always be in our hearts.”