Thembi and Thulani like to visit the park with Grandpa Nathi.

They love their Grandpa Nathi.


But Grandpa Nathi is very sick in the hospital. His eyes are closed.

The machine next to Grandpa Nathi goes beep, beep, beep.

“Mommy, why won’t Grandpa Nathi sing with me?” asks Thembi.

Mommy says, “Grandpa Nathi can still hear you. His heart is singing with you.”


At home, Thembi and Thulani are waiting at the window.

Mommy and Daddy are taking so long at the hospital.

Then Thembi sees Mommy and Daddy walk up the driveway.

“They are back!”


Mommy and Daddy are very sad. “What’s wrong?” asks Thembi.
Her tummy feels sore.

Mommy’s voice is very quiet. “Grandpa Nathi was old and sick.
The doctors couldn’t make him better.”

Her eyes fill with tears, “we won’t be seeing Grandpa Nathi again.”