“Let’s cut that remaining apple into three equal parts,” suggests Jabu. “What are three equal parts called?” mutters Nomsa to herself. “Thirds! Cut the apple into thirds!” says Scelo proudly.

“No, let’s give that leftover apple to our maths teacher!” says Zodwa. The friends agree that it’s a good suggestion to give the apple to Ms Nkosi after break.

The next week, Jabu and Nomsa are waiting for Zodwa at break. “Look, Motaung is back in business!” she says. Zodwa puts her kota on the bench and the three of them compare their kotas. “Wow!” says Jabu, “that kota is bigger than a quarter! And look at all those chips!” “I bet this cost a lot extra?” asks Nomsa suspiciously.

After break, as they head back to class, Zodwa takes her friends to read the notice board outside Mr Motaung’s shop. Jabu and Nomsa can’t believe their eyes when they read the sign: Get your supersize kota third! Only R3 more! A third of a loaf with extra chips and extra sauce. With polony OR cheese!

Tell us: What did you learn about real life maths use from the story?