I’m screwed. I practically feel like death – that’s what I hate about going out: it leaves you feeling groggy. I wish I didn’t have anything to do today, but there’s the laundry and cooking waiting for me. So I will have to drag myself out of these blankets, though I feel like staying here would be the best thing to do today. I’ve been stalling getting out of bed for the past 3 hours or so, and I think another 3 hours will pass. At least, there’s no one around here. Sim is probably with his friends too.

And the Dragon-lady, my mother, is not here either. If she were here she’d say I treat her house like a hospital by waking up late. And she’d send me on some trivial errand just to get me out of bed. Spiteful, isn’t she?

Does she want me to treat my own home like a prison and wake early like a jailbird when my head is spinning around like a disco ball like this? Blurry elusive recollections of yesterday night jumping around my mind: enchanting me with the loud music that’s stuck in my mind.

The thing is: I don’t usually dance, but when I do, I dance my heart out and I really get down. Only to be embarrassed the next day, when paparazzi’s like Noxy don’t understand what it means when people say: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. She tagged me on Facebook on a picture of me dancing with this other dude.

“Who is he?” Sebastian said. I could hear his heavy controlled breaths on the phone, he was trying hard to play it cool. The fact that I couldn’t even remember the dude’s name didn’t please him at all.

I always knew Noxy was out to ruin me. Why would she do that, if she is not out to spoil my relationship…

“I didn’t mean to cause any harm… it was all in the name of innocent fun… blah bla bla!” those are her lame excuses. If I hadn’t cut her off, she would still be giving me excuses. She is a good liar, thanks to her ‘innocent fun’, Sebastian is angry.

My day hasn’t even started, but it’s already bad. It’s just one of those days that I wish I can just suspend my life for a while and wake up when things have cooled down, when I feel less groggy, and my head spinning less.

ZZ xxx

Dish it: Was it intentional what Noxy did? Or should I turn the other cheek?

The Diary of Zinzi Zwane