There’s this thing that the outside atmosphere of P.E. does to you – it frees you from your personal problems. It makes you forget that you are now living with a monster that is hell-bent on making your life a living hell. I mean it’s enough that I don’t like this child (mind that I call her child because that’s just what she is, a child and not a woman, coz in my mind, no woman would go after a married man with a family) but she seems bloody oblivious to the fact that I just don’t like her.

“Zinziswa do this… Zinziswa do that… Zinziswa your dad did this…”

She thinks she can just henpeck everyone as she likes, and it’s only a matter of time before I tell her to go hang herself. But then again that would mean that I talk to her and that goes against everything I believe in – I refuse to acknowledge her scanky ass in my house!

I have disowned my father. I speak to no one. He tried to explain and talk to me but I will not give him a time of day. Why didn’t he tell me sooner? He had all the time in the world and he choose not to. So why should I care? I am only in this house because he won’t give me any money to return home; he wants to “work things out before I go”.

He had the nerve to ask me to accommodate her! Can you believe it? He even gave me stuff to welcome me back, to congratulate me on my passing the exams, a late birthday present, and early Christmas present, the list is just endless – all bribes! I want none of them. He must give them to charity or his little minx.

That’s just how pissed off I am!

I just called Siya and he was more than happy to meet up with me.

Do you know those rich kids that party and party as a form of rebellion? Well, I am one of them, I will party without the money. Yes!

We’re going to meet up again; party on the 16th with his crew. Street bash. I can’t wait, and this time I will paint the town red.

I need to call Sebastian just to ease the guilt.

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