The skinny, mean-looking boy in the beanie was hunched down in the bushes beside the bridge that crossed over the highway into Gugulethu, playing lookout. He gave a low whistle, disguised to sound almost like a bird call and signalled to his friends down below. He held up one finger and made cupping motions in front of his chest. 

Anathi nodded and elbowed the fat guy next to him. “One hottie, coming up fast. Big boobs.” 

“Nice!” fat boy said. “Hope she’s wearing cute panties.” 

Anathi and the fat boy sidled up the hill and got their camera phones out, holding them up and ready. Beanie boy slithered down the hill to join them. They were all wearing their school uniforms. Grey pants, white shirts and a red-and-black striped tie.

The girl was on her own, a skinny, slightly awkward girl with big boobs. 

Good, Anathi thought, it was easier when they were on their own. If she spotted them she would be less likely to cause a fuss. 

He aimed his camera, zooming in, ready for the up-skirt panty shot. 

“What a freak,” Fatboy said. “She’s wearing boxer shorts.” 

“Sies man, someone needs to teach the cheri to shave her legs,” Beanie boy pulled a face.

Anathi stared hard, he zoomed in more, right up close on the girl’s boxer shorts 

“That’s not a girl!” he shouted. 

At that moment, Sbu and Song and Yankee jumped out of their hiding places, their cellphone cameras clicking frantically as they snapped photographs of the three boys caught in the act of taking up-skirt photos of Airtime. 

Airtime looked down from the bridge. He was wearing Song’s school uniform, a blue skirt and a blouse that he’d stuffed with mini-soccer balls to look like breasts. 

“You are so busted!” he yelled down at the shocked trio of boys.

Image: PeterVJ, CC-BY-NC-ND

WHAT DO YOU THINK: Why do you think Airtime decided to act as bait instead of one of the girls?