Why can’t they just let me be?

I mean it is clear that they don’t want to allow me to have peace in my life! But here they are, pretending to be loving parents and telling me to come back home as if they are really concerned about me.

I can’t believe the gall that my Dad has: he had the guts to write me a tirade of an SMS telling me what a spoilt-brat I am, and that I don’t know anything about real human struggles and how lucky I was to have a roof over my head, blah, blah, blah and more blah!

I don’t see the relevance of some of the things he said. It’s just a smokescreen from the real issue. You can always trust him to find a scapegoat for all his blunders. I can’t see how mom survived all these years with him – he is nothing but a self-serving, manipulative, inglorious bastard! It’s like he expected us to just open the doors and embrace his son, just like that! Easy like that!

Mom sent a message and said if I don’t come back today she’ll go open a missing person’s case. She really sounded stressed out – I could feel her pain in the words she wrote. I really hate to be the one who puts her through this; she’s been through a lot already. I called her and told there was no need for that, as I was perfectly fine where I was!

Noxy came looking for me, she told me. I hope they didn’t tell her anything, otherwise everything is going straight to the social media – she will be more than happy to break the big scoop. She’s worse than Queen G Mamgobozi, the Sunday tabloid and Real Goboza put together!

Sim is hysterical. He says he can’t take it no more. The parents don’t talk and this new brother is eating so much that by the time I come back there’ll be no groceries. Ha ha ha! Trust Sim and his sense of humour even at the most darkest hours. I feel so sorry for him; he is too young to be stuck in this madness. See, why I didn’t want them to separate? They’re putting a strain on Sim – you can imagine what an official divorce would do to him!

I hope he realises that the older people have not got it all figured out as they’d believe! Sebastian has been begging me to go back home says he doesn’t want to be caught monkey-in-the-middle between me and my parents.

“It’s a family thing Zee,” he said, “you can’t run away from it. You being a hermit locked away here is not helping the situation in anyway. The sooner you fix it the better.”

“Are you chasing me out?”

“No! I am just asking you to sort things out with your parents! Think about it…”

I am still thinking about it – I might think about it for a very long time. But in the meantime Zee has gotta bounce, we going to the movies tonight…

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