I live in KwaMashu. I came to KwaMashu in 1963 when it was a beautiful township. Then, there were many sections that were made from bricks. But our section, which was called D section, was made from wood.

Sometimes a family stayed in one room. My family were six people living together in one room.

Many children from section D went to Isibonelo High School in section F. When I was in standard seven I remember an interesting thing happened at school.

One day the principal said in assembly, “I am very proud of our school because some children here come from the wood location where they stay together in a small place. But their parents try by all means to take their children to our school. I am so pleased when I drive past their houses and I see their green and gold school uniforms hanging on the lines.”

Even today I remember what the principal said. Life was nice in those days in KwaMashu.