The trains suffered many delays due to maintenance or the lack thereof.

“I got home at 10 o’clock last night,” a guy mentions to a friend next to him.

“You must thank heaven for making it home in one piece bru,” the friend replies.

“Tell that to my wife, buddy. She suspects I’m playing truant, always suspicious, expecting the worst you know,” he explains to his friend rolling his eyes.

The friend looks at him for a moment without uttering a word. The train elegantly gallops to the next station.

You must have given her reason to be suspicious, always expecting the worst, the friend thinks quietly. Different people get off at different destinations, from different backgrounds. Where is this train called South Africa heading? the thoughts rush through his mind. Are we heading for a train smash or are we going to derail? he asks himself and thinks about it for a few more moments.

The guy with the suspicious wife is meanwhile fiddling with his phone.

I think good people will rise to the occasion. Surely they won’t allow this beautiful country to go to the dogs? his thoughts continue while he glimpses at his friend’s phone.
“Ah… That’s why your wife is suspicious; look at all those female contacts,” he observes glancing at the phone. He clears his throat…
“Buddy, that’s not good for a married guy. You are too close to temptation bru. Before you know it you’ve taken the plunge,” he advises his friend.

Smiling with a blushing face the friend closes the screen of the phone and then with a wry smile he looks up. “Just friends man,” he remarks, attempting to brush any suspicion aside.

“I know; I was there too,” he answers the guy who slips the phone back into his pocket. “I had genuine friends as contacts and really enjoyed the chats, but must admit that on a few occasions I overstepped the mark. My wife didn’t deserve that. The lady friend didn’t deserve it either and ultimately it’s about my ego which got in the way. I got a fright when I started to feel no regret for my actions. That was the turning point. I changed my number but above all I changed my ways,” he confesses openly and earnestly.

The guy with the suspicious wife looks at him without blinking an eye.

“Let me tell you something I would like to share with you my friend,” the friend goes on to say without waiting for a response. “A colleague sent me an SMS one morning which changed my perception for the better and the message said: ‘The person who is with you when you have nothing is the person who needs to be with you when you have everything.’ I didn’t recognise the number so I called back to ask who it was. The voice on the other side said: ‘Just a concerned colleague’”.

The guy with the suspicious wife listens attentively.

The friend continues after pausing for a moment. “We’ve been friends for a long time now Jamie and as far I can see, Marilyn is a good wife and mother to your child. Yes, your so-called friends might be more exciting and entertaining but she’s your soul mate. Remember our conversation when you declared your intention to marry her and wanted my opinion?
I said that is one of the greatest decisions you ever made, remember?”

“Yes I remember,” the guy with the suspicious wife answers without hesitation.

“Do the right thing buddy. This is coming from a concerned friend,” he admonishes his friend again.

The guy with the suspicious wife looks down avoiding the eyes of his friend. He remains like that for a few moments almost looking deep into his heart and soul. Donny is right, he quietly thinks to himself. I did overstep the mark and only felt guilty for a short while. This is getting dangerous.

“We need a driver who can take us to the destination of hope, peace and prosperity for all on this train called South Africa, Donny thinks to himself as we enter Salt River station.