The best part about summer is that there is literally no excuse not to go outside because the nights are warm and the festivals are never ending. So why not take advantage with your loved ones or crushes and go for a date night/day. There are so many ideas of what to do and where to go for dates in summer and below are some really cool ideas, so get your pen and paper.

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Ice cream date

I love this date because it is simple and easy to do and very inexpensive. All you need is your partner and less then R50 depending on the ice cream you like. There are a lot of ice cream shops near the beach, and later you can take a walk at the beach while eating your ice cream. It will be a perfect date.

The outfit for this date is as simple as the date. Ladies, you won’t need to spend so much time dressing or even applying on make-up. The trick is to look simple, but well put together. So make sure the make-up is light and not too much; a little mascara and liner, a little foundation or none at all and some blush of cause. A simple maxi dress would work for this date. And gents, some shorts for the beach and, simple but good looking sandals.

Open Cinema Date

This date is also simple to do because all you need to know is the times when places are hosting these events. If you live in Cape Town you will know that Kirstenbosch, Waterfront and Stellenbosch are the places to lookout for such events. But otherwise you can Google events in your area and see if you can attend with your partner. This date is a twist from your usual cinema dates; it is outdoors with the moon and stars to light the way. You can take whatever you want to eat as you are not restricted like the normal cinemas. So pack your picnic basket and enjoy.

Outfits for this date are also simple; jeans and remember to carry a jacket in-case it gets cold at night. But just be sure to take someone you can trust so they can drop you home after.

Campout Date

I suggest that you take someone you have been dating for a while, not a first date. Who wants to go camping on a first date with a stranger? No one. And this date can also be inexpensive; there are a lot of festivals that involve weekends away which you can attend. But you can also do a private and quiet campout if you are not in the mood to be around too many people in one place.

For this you will need to pack some easy to wear outfits, meaning nothing that needs ironing or that’s expensive and you don’t want to damage. Take shorts, maxi dresses, skirts and sandals or some hiking shoes if you plan on going hiking.

Outdoor Date

It is summer so you can do a lot of these outdoor dates and even for a first date this would be perfect. A simple picnic at a garden and feeding the ducks, would be really great for a first date. You can also plan a hike in the morning and go for a bicycle ride in the afternoon, if you are both into sporty things or just love to keep fit while having fun. If the hike is too much for you, then how about going to play “putt-putt” (mini-golf). Gents, you can even show the ladies how to hit the ball, makes for a romantic day-out-date.

Again the key is to dress simple but also clean and appropriate for the date. You and your partner obviously need to discuss where you are headed and dress accordingly.

Water related Date

Ok so maybe that is not what they are called but you get the picture, it’s a date that revolves around water. You and your partner can go shark diving, do surfing lessons together and even go swimming at the beach together. Also this date you wanna do after you have been on more than one date as no girl wants to jump into the water after spending hours doing her make-up.

Dress code for this is swimsuits, kaftans or maxi dress and for gents; shorts or linen pants for summer are perfect.

If you are still confused as to where to go, well take a blanket and some nice cheese and wine, put it outside in your garden and you’re done. Easy, simple date night summer style. Don’t forget to share your ideas and let us know what you did for your first date this summer. #KeepItTrendi

Written by Phoebe Sibomana


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