So, you had this dream that woke you up midnight and you couldn’t wait to tell your family when everyone woke up in the morning. But now it’s the morning and you can’t seem to recall anything, how is this possible when it was all so vivid at 1am? If this is you, then this blog might just be what you needed to help you remember your dreams!

While this is not a quick remedy to the problem, the following steps might help you get closer to the solution.

1. Go to bed early: In the digital age of WhatsApp, Facebook and FunDza stories, this is not an easy thing to do. However, going to bed early helps your memory to recover and improve functionality.

2. Keep a book next to your bed: It’s common for people to wake up after a dream but the problem is they go to sleep and start another sleep cycle. Try to remember the dream and write down especially the important parts of it. If you’re not much of a writer, record yourself.

3. Write your dreams down in the morning: Dr. Michael Breus from Psychology today says, “Once you’ve let your mind “drift” for five minutes, start writing down everything you can remember from the dream. With practice, you’ll start to remember them more fully and quickly.

4. Drink three big glasses of water just before bed: This will prompt you to pass water several times and you’re likely to remember a dream you just had before you woke up. If this happens, remember point 2 above.

5. Avoid certain foods: According to Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D., Foods that contain melatonin such cherries, bananas, almonds and oatmeal can affect sleep and recollection. Because these have their own health benefits, it’s best to avoid them only before bedtime.

6. Remind yourself to remember: The only thing that other people need to remember their dreams is an affirmation that “I can remember my dreams”. This will create a positive mindset and the mind will make an extra effort to remember. Write the affirmation in a sticky note and place it where you can see it before bedtime.

7. Keep eyes closed upon waking: If you wake up and open your eyes immediately, the objects around the room might distract you and derail your train of thought. If you make this a habit, it’ll become one with time.

8. Disturb your daily routine: This means doing something you don’t typically do. These are more likely going to stick out more naturally in your mind. For example, if you went out hiking with friends for the first time your mind might store this experience and result in interesting dreams.

9. Make sure you’re comfortable: If you’re not comfortable enough, you might not even get to the stage of dreaming as this happens only in deep sleep. Ensure that you regulate the temperature in the room (warm in winter and cool in summer) and that your bed is as comfy as possible. Otherwise, if you can’t sleep properly, you won’t even have dreams to remember in the morning.

Now, remember that some people will remember their dreams more naturally and easier than others. Consistency is key, so you’ll need to apply the above steps in your daily routine and not cheat yourself. Happy dreaming!


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Tell us: Do you have any tricks to remember your dreams? What are they?