Are you an avid reader who devours books like chocolate, but has no space to keep them? Are they lying around, or piling up in a corner somewhere, making your room look and feel untidy?

Don’t fret, you are not alone! One of our Fanz writers had the same problem with his books and this gave us an idea for an inexpensive bookshelf in 5 easy steps.

What you will need:

1. Boxes: make sure they are the same size (you can get them for free from your neighbourhood supermarket)
2. Sellotape
3. Scissors
4. Wrapping paper (optional)
5. Glue stick (Pritt or any stick you have) or craft glue


Step 1: Cut off all the flaps from your boxes.

Step 2: Lay your boxes side by side, with the open sides facing upwards.

Step 3: Use the flaps that you have just cut off the boxes. Insert them between the boxes to give your bookshelf some strength so your books are well supported. (Trim off any excess cardboard from the flaps that might be still showing)

Step 4: Use your sellotape to tape the boxes together firmly – at the back and at the sides.

Step 5: Decorate your bookshelf by covering the sides with your wrapping paper or with your drawings or stickers.

Hint: Remember not to overload it too much. You can always add more boxes to make extra shelving or add more flaps to keep it strong and sturdy.


Tell us: Send us pics of your bookshelves!