Do you enjoy mint with your favourite dishes or love its flavour in your tea? If you answered “Yes”, the good news is that… you can grow your own mint! Here’s How:

Things you will need:
• Mint Seeds can be purchased at R14 from your local grocery store or mint buds from existing plant if you can access them.
• Soil enough to fill a 12 inch container or pot.
• Compost enough to add to 12 inch container.
• 12 inch Container or planting pot.
• 1 litre of water.
• 1 litre bottle with approximately six holes in the bottom of the bottle. You can make these using a nail or small kitchen knife.

Note: Don’t hurt yourself when you make the small holes in your one litre bottle as you will be using sharp objects. Do it carefully!

1. Find a suitable spot to place your plant – they can grow in the shade but will need sunlight too.
2. Mix your soil and compost together.
3. Add the mixture of compost and soil to your container or pot.
4. Leave a centimetre or two of the pot free of soil at the top.
5. Sprinkle your seeds on the mixture of compost and soil or carefully plant your mint buds inside your container or pots.
6. Pour water into your 1 litre bottle with the holes at the bottom.
7. Water the seeds/seedlings lightly using your 1 litre bottle with water. The little holes will allow the water to sprinkle gently over the soil.

1. You will need to water your pot once a day – either morning or evening – using your 1 litre bottle.
2. Position your pot so that it can grow in some sunlight.
3. Pick the mint regularly as this increases the growth of the plant.

Mint takes approximately 90 days to grow from a seedling to a mature plant.

We hope you found this useful and you are excited and ready to grow your own mint.

Tell us: Did you find this helpful? Are you planning to grow some mint in a container?