Q: My teacher forced to take naked pictures of him. He has never touched me so I’m not sure if it’s sexual abuse?

A: When your teacher forces you to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable including taking naked pictures of yourself or of him or her, that is a form of sexual abuse. You have the right to report your teacher to the principal or to the department of education immediately.


Q: My teacher and I had anal sex. I did not want to do it but I did not think that I could say no. I am not sure if this is rape. I don’t know what to do!

A: Rape can be vaginal penetration OR anal penetration and it is a very serious crime. You should: go to the clinic for help, report your teacher to the police and report your teacher to the school and/or to the department of education.


Q: Should I tell my parents that my teacher abused me?

A: You should tell someone that you trust and feel safe with and who will support you. This might be your parents or it might be another relative, friend or someone you trust in your community.