A couple of weeks later at the post office I saw her again. I was standing in the queue chatting with my friend on Mxit about a chess game we were going to play later that day. A woman walked past me and she had a very familiar scent. It was the same perfume that Zandile wore that day so I looked up. But the woman was already by the door and it was my turn to get served.

Steven, the guy working there, was holding an ID book in his hand.

“Kamu man, that woman left her ID here. Could you quickly give it to her?” Steven said, handing the green book to me.

I took it and ran to the door. I looked left then right and I saw the woman from a distance and I called out to her.

“Sorry Sisi, you left your ID,” I said while still half running. She turned and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was Zandile! What are the odds? I thought to myself. I stopped running and started walking slowly while adjusting my shirt and trousers. When I got to her she recognised me.

“Oh it’s you…Zandile, right?” she said smiling.

“That was really embarrassing, you know,” I said and laughed.

“Can I have my ID back? I can’t believe I stood for 30 minutes in a queue just so I could forget my ID. Now that’s embarrassing.” She said as she put the ID in her purse.

We talked for a little while and she said she had to get back to class. She turned and started walking away.

“So when will I see you again?” I asked.

“What makes you think I want to see you again?” she turned and responded.

“Faith,” I said with a big grin. She paused for a second and looked at me as if about to say something. And then she turned and started walking away again.

Later that day as I was playing chess with my friends, my mind was not in the game. I was losing and I never lost, at least not as easily as I was losing that day. My friends noticed that I was distracted and they asked. I never could keep things to myself so I told them.

“I’m in love,” I said looking at the queen I was holding in my hand. They laughed at me but I wasn’t shocked or angry. I made a promise to myself years ago, after having a horrible break up, that I was never going to be in another relationship again. I would still date but I would never commit.

Somehow Zandile evoked familiar and yet unwanted feelings in me. I was willing to settle with her and put my player days behind. I just had to find her first.


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