Their love started from there and grew stronger and stronger. Two years later Malik married Lisa with a white wedding. The wedding was very perfect – people talked about it for almost for the whole year.

As for Dennis he didnt take his treatment and so, just before the wedding, he got sick and died.

Hope was now five years old. She understood very well what happened to her dad. But she was not so upset because she knew that in Malik she had another dad, until she should meet her biological dad again.

My lovely readers, if it’s love you feel, have self-control until you meet him or her again. Never ever play with love because you will reap what is bad at the end.

To girls who fall pregnant and feel unprepared, it’s not the end of the world. Learn from your mistakes. No matter how hard life may be never ever give up.

No matter how love has hurt you in the past know that not everyone will take you for granted.

I am a believer are you?

Beloved readers I close this story with four words: Until we meet again.

The End.