Sickness never knocks politely at anyone’s door. But rather it attacks each and everyone of us, just like a thief. Oh dear, poor Lisa got very sick. She couldn’t go to school for the whole week.

And, oh dear, our poor Romeo or Malik. All he did that week was stay at the school gate watching each bus as it arrived, wishing and praying that Lisa would step out of one of the buses. But, Lisa was nowhere to be found.

Malik never gave up on Lisa. He told himself that he would remain single and faithful until they were able to meet again. He promised himself not to give attention to any other girl, unless it was Lisa.

Poor guy, he didn’t have anything to remind himself of Lisa. All he did that week was paint the picture of her face in his mind. He couldn’t stop hearing her sweet voice talking wise words to him. When he spoke to other girls he called them ‘Lisa’ by mistake. Oh, poor Malik.

Lisa’s sickness was not only physical, but it was emotional too. She wished that Malik has asked for her number. She wished she were a magician and could make Malik call her. She couldn’t stop thinking about him and talking about him. She just couldn’t admit that she was dangerously in love with him.

They were like two hearts beating as one.

Yes, mountains, rivers and buildings kept them apart from one another. But, I’m telling you, their love was so strong it could move Table Mountain!

As well all know (se se sa feleng sa tlhola), that week passed. It was as if the wind was blowing and making the week go faster just for Malik. But, to him, the week felt like a thousand years without seeing who he hoped was the future mother of his children.