Outside he could see she wasn’t looking well, her eyes were all hazy and sexy and she kept rubbing her forehead and squinting.

“When did you get here?” he asked, ready for her to snap again.

“Would you rather I didn’t come so you and little miss nasty can get in on?”

This was not the way she envisioned this evening.

“What did you drink babe, are you high?”

He was really concerned because she wasn’t a drinker and maybe one or two would get into her head.

“Do I look drunk? Would you prefer I was drunk so you can have your way with me?”

“I didn’t say that babe you just look odd. Now tell me what you drank.” His patience was wearing thin.

“Odd? What’s odd, the fact that I have my clothes fully on and they fit, or the fact that I’m the only virgin at this party? Is that what you want, her?”

“You know what you’re over reacting and I didn’t come here to fight. In case you didn’t get the memo you and I are the only virgins at this party and that’s thanks to you. So if you don’t mind I’m going inside to chill with my boys and you can tell me when you’re ready to talk.”

He turned on his heel and walked back inside, wondering what had happened to Nozie and why she was acting so strange.

What is wrong with me, why do I keep tripping? Chill Nozie, go get a drink and calm yourself, Nozie thought to herself. She walked back into the house to look for Bulie and a cold cider then she heard somebody’s voice that sounded vaguely familiar.

“Still beautiful as ever.” She turned and behold, the most gorgeous guy she’s ever seen… well only on magazines… and, yes, this was Siya Mazibuko – Mr Mazibuko’s son.

“Siya? Oh my God!” she exclaimed and threw her arms around him. The embrace lasted a little longer than Thulani would’ve liked, he was standing at a corner watching them.

“In the flesh gorgeous. Damn girl you’ve grown. Turn around and let me look at you.” She beamed and gave a sexy shy twirl.

“You’re not too shabby yourself.” She said to him while thinking: Oh my, you look like an underwear model on men’s health. But she wasn’t going to tell him that. He was blushing and it was making her blush.

“When did you get back? How is Cape Town?” She was genuinely interested.

“Ag, you know all work and no play. I’d rather hear about how you’ve been.”

He led her outside where the sun had set and the moon was a beautiful glow amongst the stars. They went to sit under a big tree across the street and they were chatting up a storm. The cider was slowly getting to her head and his closeness was not helping. He had muscles everywhere on his body, and his smile was Colgate ad material, he was sexy in every way and he was really interested in what she was saying.

As tipsy as Nozie felt she knew that she wasn’t blabbing and he was asking just the right questions to get her to talk. They were conversing, her first drunk conversation and she was handling it well. But something at the back of her mind she couldn’t quite let go of, partially the way Siya was making her flush all over, was strange. She’s never felt this… hot for a guy before. She loved Thulani, loves him, but this was something else she was feeling and she liked it.