It had now been five months since Thabo started working at a factory. Still he did not falter in his search for his long lost sister who was the only family left. During the night he would search the crowded night clubs. Although she had obviously grown now, he still had hope that she would recognise him and be reunited with her again.

Thabo began a tshisa-nyama business that quickly grew into people’s favourite restaurant in town. His life had catapulted from nothingness to a respected businessman. He hired waitresses and chefs in his restaurant. On one of the busy days he used to be the last one to close off his shop late in the night and walk to his house which was just a stone-throw away from his business.

On one busy Friday night, Thabo was walking alone in the deserted town when he heard a shrieking scream of a woman. Quickly, he ran to the scene and found a young woman lying on the side of the road, bleeding and trembling heavily. Without any delay, he phoned an ambulance as a crowd of people had come out of their houses to witness the horrific scene.

The next morning, the police came to Thabo’s house and thanked him for saving the young lady’s life. She was seemingly stabbed by her junkie boyfriend. During the day, Thabo decided to pay the victim a visit at the local hospital. Upon entering the ward door, he noticed that the young woman was feeling much better because her face was full of life. Thabo introduced himself to the woman and told her how he had managed to save her life. The young woman thanked him a lot for being her lifesaver.

The young also woman narrated that, she had left her home when she was only 12 years to come and work in town. Her mother had died and left her with no family at all, so she decided to come to town to make a living. Thabo quickly learned that the young woman grew up living under hard and unforgivable situations of poverty. At that same moment, Thabo decided to ask the young woman her name.

When she mentioned her name, Thabo could not believe his eyes. He had found his long lost sister he had been searching a long time for.

That same year, the police informed Thabo that the murderer of his niece had been nabbed. After 10 years of serving a jail sentence, new evidence regarding the murder had been uncovered. Upon hearing the news, Thabo cried a lot. So much of his time had been wasted in jail for a crime he did not commit.

There were days when his heart cried out for love, only to find that he was all alone without family. But now his troubles were over, he had found his beloved sister. There were times when he thought all his hopes had waned, however, he did not give into hopelessness, he still believed that one day his life would take a good turn.

Though he had endured a life filled with pain and misery, in the end his patience and resilience finally paid off. His reunion with his sister had filled the cracks of his heart with love and so much warmth. Thankfully! He did not let the weight of his miseries crush him down.


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