Well, my dear friends; if you had not noticed that life is not a fair game, never was and never will be… I am sorry for waking you up from a dream you were living since you were born; I am sorry for telling you the truth that sharply contrasts the lies and fabrications you’ve grown to know; I am sorry for waking you up to the bitter-sweet smell of burning incense whilst you are used to the scent of odour… But life is really not fair, never was and never will be.

Let me take you down memory, fasten your belt and take a ride with me down the alleys of life. Allow me to be your guide as we journey back to some of the memories buried in an antediluvian grave, as we tend to let some old skeletons fall from our closet like dry leaves fall from trees in autumn. Life is serious business. And you know what they say: “Never mix business with pleasure”. Yea! Life is Accounting, “What is trash to one man is treasure to another.”

Simply put, using the terms and jargons of qualified accountants, in order to balance the credit and debit balance sides one must be in pain while the other is rejoicing; one must be owing while the other is owed, one must be the master while the other a mere servant that lives of the scraps that fall from the masters’ plate. It’s funny how life corresponds like axes in a graph. One person is a dependent variable, the servant, and the other an independent variable, the untouchable master.

But that is life, it’s been like that even before missionaries colonialized Africa; even before Jesus Christ, the Saviour, was nailed to the cross by the Jews; even before Adolf Hitler killed a thousand Jews and Gypsies; even before Malema and Zuma played hide-and-seek like naughty kids whilst a crisis in the mining sector was leaving young children as orphans and women as widows…

Next time I tell u that life is not fair concur with me because between you and I, we both know that you’ve entertained the thoughts of suicide more than you’ve loved to… But I don’t blame you, we are all stuck in this deep dark trench that we call life. We are all swimming in this pool of confusion and mystery of what happens beyond death, what treasure and Godly titbits await us in the line that is crossed only by spirit. That is not but life, brother. It leaves uncertainty and confusion within yourself a conflict brews and before you know it, it blows up and you lose all sanity and become a worthless vagabond.