Sunday morning Cassie was getting ready to go for some photo shoots. It felt like the very first time all over again, she had mixed emotions about this photo shoot. She also couldn’t stop thinking about the night before, the way she handled things between her and her father. Her father interrupted her from her thoughts, the door was already open.

“May I come in?” he asked standing in front of the door. He looked as though he was in a great mood but Cassie was the complete opposite.

“You’re already in,”

“Look about last…”

“I don’t want to talk about it, father please,”


“Please father, I’m just not in the mood, can we go now?”

“I won’t be driving you today Cassie, Tracey will,”

“Why?” she was so annoyed.

“Because I have to get to work as soon as possible,” she couldn’t even look him in the eye, she just felt disgusted.

“I might not even make it for dinner tonight,” he added.

“Good for you, tell Mom I’ll be there in a sec on your way out,” he exited the room, she followed after a second.

“Are you ready for today?” Mel asked curiously and Cassie was in no good mood at all.

“Yeah I am, why do you ask?”

“Nah I’m just being curious nothing more,”

“Good then.”

When they entered the doors at the Michael’s Modeling, Agencies studio, Cassie’s heart pounded very fast, she was so nervous she wished her mother was there with her all the way.

“You look kind of nervous,” Tracey broke her off from her thoughts.

“Yeah I am just a little bit but I’ll be fine,” she smiled weakly.

Michael went to them, “Hello guys, we are waiting for you Cassie to start with the photo shoots,” he was so impatient. “Um and we have another major company that wants to sign Cassie up,”

“What?” she couldn’t believe her ears, “I thought we were impressing only one company?”

“Well apparently there are many of them, but we had to give other girls a chance too,” he continued leading them forward to the dressing rooms.

“So what is the name of this second company?”

“It’s from overseas, enjoy this: thee most famous Beyoncé Knowles wants you to represent her clothing line: House of Dereon at Victoria Secret fashion show this year, in Holly Wood. You’re going places sweetie,” he explained showing them posters and the contract. “She couldn’t come personally because she was busy so she sent her PA, you’ll talk to her soon,”

“Wow! Just wow! Can’t believe I’m actually going to the states, this is amazing!”

After everything Mel went to Mike and asked him about her, “Well we are still looking Melody, we’ll let you know as soon as we find something for you but for now it’s you sister’s time to shine,” he explained. “I’m sure it won’t take us very long to find something for you to do. For now just be happy for your sister,”

She was sweating with anger, how can this be happening to her? She just didn’t understand it at all.

“Your photo shoots for Dennis begin tomorrow, please be on time, see you tomorrow,”

In the car there was a complete silence, everyone was minding their own business; it was like that all the way till they arrived at home. Everyone went to their rooms, except for Cassie, who was sitting in the lounge alone with the television off.S he was far in thoughts. Later her father arrived, he didn’t like seeing her sitting alone like that he went and sat next to her.

“What are you doing here alone?”

“Thinking.” “Dad,” she called after a while, “do you really believe that your family wants me here?”

“What kind of a question is that Cassie?”

“Never mind that,” she looked away.

“Cassie I see that you’re not happy in your own home, so I would allow you to go to your mom. Live with her if you want to,” she was surprised to hear that though it was what she wanted but it somehow hurt her. “And if you want to continue staying with me, you’re going to have to find a way to accept that Tracey is my wife and she is not going anywhere. And Melody is your flesh and blood, for God’s sake, what is wrong with you?”

“Wow Dad, I’m speechless!”

“Make up your mind,” he stood up and went to the room.

Cassie just sat there almost the whole night, she didn’t even join them for dinner.

The following day after school she was waiting at their usual spot along with Christina and Mel, who was bored like hell. She hated Cassie for taking over her career, she just wanted her dad or mom to come and pick them up so she could be as far away as possible from Cassie and her annoying friend.

“I never got the chance to ask you about yesterday,” Christina smiled at Cassie.

“Well it started off well but back at home ended up bad,” Cassie replied, remembering her conversation with her father

“What happened?”

“My Dad wants me to go and live with my mom,” she looked as if she was ready to cry.

“Oh My God! Why would he even suggest that?”

“We had a little misunderstanding,” she explained, “he claims that he cannot put up with my moods anymore. It’s almost as if he is giving up on me, what kind of a father does that to his own daughter?” she started tearing. Christina didn’t know what to do or say to her

“That shouldn’t be so difficult for you Cassie, you’ve always wanted to live with your mom, now here’s your chance,” Mel said.

“No one asked for your opinion keep it to yourself,” Christina said defending her best friend. “Anyway, what did you say to your father?”

“Nothing I was just so speechless. I’m still thinking about it,”

Christina’s mom came to pick her up she hated leaving Cassie like that, especially with Melody.

“You’ll be ok hey?”

“I’ll be fine,”

“Cool I’ll call you,” she left.

“You are going to Gauteng aren’t you?” Mel wanted to be sure.

“I haven’t decided yet Melody. God, why are you so interested, you want to get rid of me?” Cassie was so annoyed.

You damn right I want you gone, Mel thought but she didn’t dare to say it. “No you’re my sister and I care about you,”

“Oh please we both know that you want me gone,”

Got that one right, Mel thought. “Whatever, I know that I do care whether you believe it or not that’s not my business,”


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