After school Cassie, Mel, Christina and Mel’s best friend Tameka, were waiting for Mel’s dad to come and take them to their modeling agent. And he arrived a bit later than they’ve expected him.

“You’re late dad you were supposed to come at 14:30 you are fifteen minutes late,” Melody complained.

“I’m sorry babies, I got very busy at work.”

“No it’s OK dad at least you’re here now and that’s all that matters,” Cassie interfered.

They finally arrived.

“Thanks dad. Remember we’ll call you when we’re done,” they all got out and went inside.

“Hello girls,” their agent Michael welcomed them. “Thanks for coming. We have got one of the major companies in clothing. The House of Dennis wants a model for the year,” he explained to them.

“Wow!” the girls were enjoying the news.

“So you’re all going to get ready for a photo shoot and remember, only two of you will get picked so you got to give it your all,” he advised and led them to the dressing room. They were now alone in the dressing room.

“Wow, I’ve got a feeling that this is going to be me,” said Mel.

Everyone was not surprised when she said that, they were waiting for it.

“Well good for you Mel,” Christina was so annoyed.

She and Mel were not even close to being friends; they didn’t like each other – not even a bit. According to Christina, Mel was just annoying and didn’t care about other people’s feelings but her own. And to Melody, Christina was boring and too serious. But with Cassie and Tameka it was a complete different story; they liked each other and even hung out together sometimes. Melody did not like that at all.

The shoot started and Cassie was the first one, she was so nervous.

“Loosen up a bit sweetie,” said Michael, “just do it like you own it.”

He tried to make her feel comfortable. She finally pulled herself together and gave it her all. After her, it was Melody who was completely confident.

“Good one,” was Michael’s remark to Mel. After Mel was Christina then Tameka.

“Good work girls. We will notify you by text if you get chosen. You can go and change now, that’s it for today. See you soon.”

The girls went to change and then left.

Later that night the family was eating dinner.

“How was the photo shoot?” Mrs. Miller smiled looking at Cassie, she always counted her words when talking to her because she was short tempered.

“Wow mom it was amazing! Though Cassie almost ruined hers but she somehow managed to come back,” Mel just jumped in. “Wow imagine what the whole of Cape town high will say when I become one of the hottest models modeling for the major company,” she added looking at Cassie.

“I’m sure you got it,” Cassie was so annoyed.

“Of cause I got it and so did Tameka, we were the best there,” she said confidently.

A text message entered Cassie’s phone. Melody’s heart started to beat very fast, she was worried she actually thought it was from Mike.

“Who is it?” she couldn’t help herself.

“No, it’s no one,” Cassie smiled to herself.

Mel was getting impatient, she went and grabbed the phone from Cassie’s hand and started to read the message out loud.

“Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you and I love yo- Oops sorry sis,” she stopped as soon she realized that it was a private message. But it was too late, everyone had heard. Cassie went and grabbed her phone.

“You should learn to mind your own business, because you’re starting to get on my nerves,” she ran upstairs.

“You see what you have done?” her mom asked, “What were you thinking?”

“I’m sorry mom I thought it was…”

“Doesn’t matter who you thought it was Mel, it doesn’t justify what you’ve done,” she didn’t wait for Mel’s response; she went upstairs.

She turned to her dad and said, “I’m sorry father,” she looked as though she was ready to cry. Her father just couldn’t ignore her, he went and gave her a hug.

“It is okay baby, go and apologies to your sister,” he also went to bed. Mel was left alone in the kitchen. She collected all the dishes and turned off the lights. By the time she went to bed, Cassie was already in bed.


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