The next morning while Cassie and Christina were in the room and Christina’s mom was making breakfast, there was a knock on the door. Tina went to open and it was Cassie’s, mom Alicia.

“I’m so sorry to bother you this early, but I would really like to talk to Christina,” she said as Tina welcomed her inside.

“It’s OK, we found Cassie and she is safe upstairs getting ready for school,”

“You mean… in here?” Alicia was so relieved to hear that.

“Let me go and find out if she’s ready to see you,” she rushed to the room where the girls were.

“Cassie, your mom’s in the kitchen. Do you wanna see her?”

“You mean my birth mother or Tracey?”

“I mean Alicia, sweetie,”

“Yes, yes I do!” she said excitedly.

Considering the fact that she hadn’t seen her for almost a year now, she ran to where her mother was. She gave her the warmest hug she has ever given her.

“Good to see you again Mom. I’ve missed you like crazy,”

“I missed you too pumpkin. But mommy is still a little upset with you, don’t ever pull a strain like that Cassie, you had me worried sick about you. It’s not safe at all out there for a young lady like you,”

“Sorry Mom, but I had no other choice; otherwise I was being forced to live with Aunt Nicki. Nah, I would never,” she explained.

“It’s okay sweetie, you’re safe now and you are not going to live with Nicki, not while I’m still alive. Now go finish getting ready for school before you become late,” she hugged her for the last time and she left.

During lunch at school, Cassie and Christina were sitting on their usual spot with their other friend, Tanya. Mel went to them.

“Hi girls,” she greeted.

“Go to hell Melody,” Christina replied before the others could. Mel tried to stay calm, so she pretended like she didn’t hear that one.

“Anyways, I came to speak with my sister,”

“Oh, so now you know that she’s your sister after the hell that you’ve put her through?”

“I’m sorry Christina, but Cassie can talk foe herself,”

“It’s OK Christy, what do you want Mel?”

“Well I wanted to apologize for making your life a living hell. I was so jealous of you sis, and I truly apologize. It really hurt me when you ran away ‘cause of me. It took me by surprise, but truth is, I miss having you around the house and I mean it.”

“I thought that’s what you wanted, for me to disappear. What do you want from me now?” Cassie rolled her eyes.

“I know I haven’t been much of a sister to you, but I promise if you allowed me, I’ll make up for the lost time. But please, come home,” she begged.

A part of Cassie believed her but she didn’t trust her at all.

“Am I supposed to believe that?”

“I know it won’t be that easy, and you probably not gonna be able to forgive me but -”

“You got that one right,” Christina broke her off.

“Stop it Christina,” Cassie shut her off.

“Anyway I don’t wanna be jealous of you anymore, I wanna be your sister. Please forgive me,” she sounded very convincing and Cassie actually felt sorry for her.

“I forgive you. And in case you were wondering if I hated you, well, I never did, I just hated the way you were.”

“Thank you sis, you won’t regret it. I promise,” they hugged.

Cassie turned to Christina, “Christy I know you don’t like Mel but could you please, try to get along for my sake ‘cause you know I love you both,”

“Anything for you,” she faked a smile, “clean slate,” she said to Mel.

“Yeah, clean slate.”

Later that same day Cassie moved back home. She was surprised to hear that her father and Mel’s mom were getting divorced but was excited, because now she’ll get to live with her father and sister alone. Her Mom also moved backed to Joburg the following morning. And everything went back to normal again; they got to study and go out together.

Friday afternoon, Mel, Christina and their father went together to Cassie’s photo shoots. Mike went to them excitedly.

“Good news Mel, you’re gonna be working with your sister, because you’re both going to the states. You’ve been accepted by the house of Dereon too,”

“Thank you, Mike, this really means a lot to me,” she was so excited.

“My pleasure sweetie,”

A few hours later Cassie returned to them after the shoot, Mel told her the good news.

“Wow I’m so happy for you sis,” they hugged.

Devon was there and went to join them. He and Cassie kissed in front of her father.

“Daddy, this is Devon, my boyfriend and I’m crazy about him. I hope you can accept him,” she grinned at her daddy.

“Welcome to the family young man. I’ll be watching you,” he smiled, “take care of my daughter and don’t break her heart.”

“Thanks Mr. Miller, I’ll make sure that never happens,”

“And your sister in law will be watching you lie a hawk,” Mel joked.

They went to the car and Devon left.

“I’m gonna enjoy living with the two of you,” Danie said, feeling happy, truly happy.

[The End]

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