The sun has now completely gone down and it was very quiet in the woods. Sam start to laugh in the back of the car. Mellissa and I looked at him confused.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

The laughing slowly stopped.

“This guy really want to get rid of you and he gives you a car just to get there to him,” Sam said wiping tears from his eyes. “He really doesn’t like you,” Sam continued.

Mellissa just stared at her own reflection through the window.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I said.

It might have been my imagination but in the rear view mirror I saw a light behind me that looks like the headlamps of a car. Then I saw it again.

I quickly slowed the car down, drove off the road and brought it to a stop hidden between a few trees.

“What’s going on?” Mellissa and Sam asked at the same time.

I switched off the headlights and the interior light and hushed the others.

“I saw a car coming this way,” I whispered to them.

Only our heavy breathing was audible. Then a car sped past us.

“It’s my father!” Mellissa said peeking slighty.

“You sure?” I asked.


“Wonder why he is in such a rush,” Sam said.

“OK,” I said, climbing out of the car. “You two stay here and I will go. I don’t wanna get spotted and if we go any further in the car, we’re gonna get spotted,” I said standing in the road.

“I’m not gonna stay,” Mellissa said also climbing out of the car.

“Oh man!” Sam said shaking his head.

I thought for a minute.

“OK, you can come. And Sam if you wanna come, you can. But if you wanna stay, you can too,” I said to Sam.

“Oh, I really wanna come but I think I’m gonna stay by the car and call the cops in case you dont get back,” Sam said smiling.

I walked over to Sam and patted him on the shoulders. “Good idea,” I said.

“Good luck you two,” Sam called as we walked up the road. “Come back in one piece.”

“Oh Sam,” I said.


“Don’t even think of climbing into the driver’s seat. You know what happend at the driving school,” I said smiling.

“I won’t,” Sam said climbing back into the car.

My original plan had changed now that I’d seen K speed by us. Now that Mellissa was coming along I knew this plan would work.


“Would you care for a glass?” Zali asked without looking up at me.

I didn’t respond.

“Would you care for a glass?” again Zali asked.

“No thanks,” I said through gritted teeth. “I didnt come here to enjoy a glass with you.”

Zali looked disappointed at me.

“Oh come on. You are after all my guest of honour,” Zali said.

“Go to hell!! Where is she!?” I shouted.

Mellissa kept quiet as a mouse behind me. I sometimes wondered if she was still there.

Zali slowly walked over to me, sipping his wine.

“Don’t worry, Bongi-Boy, she is safe…” Zali paused then looked at Mellissa. “Mellissa you may go your job is done,” he added.

I grabbed Mellissa by the arm. Zali noticed.

“OK suit yourself,” Zali said sticking his nose into the glass.

“For your sake I hope she is OK… because if you did hurt her in any way… I will…”

“You will what!!?” Zali interrupted me.

“I will kill you!” I said through gritted teeth.

Zali started to laugh. Confused I looked at him. Then he suddenly stopped, the expression on his face had changed.

“You wanna know what it was like in there?! In prison??” Zali asked.

“I don’t wanna know. If you don’t hand over my girlfriend and walk away you will go back there,” I said calmly.

Zali took a few more sips of his wine.

“I’m going to tell you anyway…” Zali paused. “It was hell! Four years is a long time if you are in prison, Bongi-Boy,” Zali said walking back. “But..” Zali continuee “… I must thank Shorty here who got me out there. You see he was a guard there and he helped me escape.”

I noticed Zali clenching his fist slightly.

“Booo!!” I said.

Zali smiled. “So you say you are gonna kill me,” Zali said without looking back at me. He then drank the last of his wine. He looked over his left shoulder at me.

“Yes I wi….”

I never knew that someone could move that fast. In a split second Zali had quickly turned and slapped me with the back of his hand, sending me flying to the floor. Mellissa stood back looking scared. I heard someone laughing.

Zali walked back to the table and put the glass down. “I ain’t planning on going back, Bongi-Boy,” Zali said laughing.

I struggled up and rubbed my face. “That hurt!” I said balancing myself against the wall.

“That’s only the beginning,” Zali threatened.

At that moment Mr Khate came down the stairs to see what was going on.

“Where is she, Mr Khate?” I asked looking at him.

“Mellissa?” he said, “what are you doing here?”

“Where is she!!!” I shouted and walked over to Mellissa. I grabbed her around the neck and pulled out the gun and pointed it to her head.