I walked up and down the livingroom while waiting for Thina. My cell rang. I answered.

“Hello, Bongi,” I recognised my mother’s voice.

“Hello, Mama,” I said and listened.

“Yes. On Sunday night only?” I asked and listened some more.

“OK,” I said, “see you then.” I ended the call.

I smiled knowing that Mama wouldn’t be home till Sunday evening. I stared out the window and saw a car parked across from the shop, under a tree. I saw the keys on top of the TV and put them in my pocket. It was almost 16h00 and still there was no sign of Thina ‘the Crook’.

Five minutes later, I heard the car of the Crook coming to a halt in front of my yard. “Showtime!” I thought to myself.

In my room, I had positioned a chair and had the ropes ready under my bed.

I heard him knocking on the door and went to open it.

“Good day,” he said in his cool and calm voice.

I nodded by way of greeting. I stepped aside signalling that he come inside.

“What’s the matter?”

“Well…” I started, “I’ve know there’s an escaped fugitive out there somewhere and I’m not sure if he’s going to come after me,” I lied.

Thina didn’t want to come to me, but rather wanted me to go to him. I noticed that he wasn’t wearing his uniform but he was still carrying his gun. I’d just have to take it from him when I tied him up, I thought.

“Ahh, don’t worry, Dream Boy.” This was the ‘name’ I had been given four years ago after the court case was over, when Zali went to jail.

“He wouldn’t dare show his face here,” Thina said.

I just stared at him. He thought that I didn’t realise that he was in cahoots with Zali. So, I just nodded.

“You want coffee, juice or anything else?” I asked, going into the kitchen.

“Coffee would be great,” he said.

“OK,” I said, thinking that it was now time.

I poured a glass of juice and set it down on the kitchen table. I peeked through the doorway and saw that the Crook was looking at photos. I slowly tiptoed towards him with the pan that I’d grabbed in the kitchen. I held onto it tightly, sweat was trickling down my face. The Crook just stood, staring at the photos, without noticing me advancing.


I hit him as hard as I could. He fell on to the couch. He was out.

“That’s what you get, fool, for trying to mess with me,” I said.

I started dancing and singing. I removed his gun and pulled his deadweight body into my room.

“Damn!” I said groaning, “for a thin man, you sure weigh a ton.”

I set him down on the chair and tied him up. When he was securely tied I slapped him awake. I reached under my bed for the duct tape and started to laugh.

“What you doing?” he asked, confused.

I started to hum a tune. “Oh, nothing,” I said. “But there is one thing I’m going to do: I’m going to get my girlfriend back.”

I covered his mouth with the tape and went over the ropes again to make sure that he wasn’t going anywhere fast. I closed the door behind me and walked to the car with the gun under my shirt. I tossed the keys up and down in my hand.

A Mazda 2 stood on the other side of the road. I got in and started the engine, then went on the way to Melissa’s house.

As I slowly went down the street I saw Sam coming. I stopped next to him and jumped out the car.

“Bongi? Oh my God! What the f…?”

“Get in,” I said.

“Where are we going?” I didn’t answer.

But then stopped in front of Melissa’s house and called for her.

“What’s going on?”

“Get in!” I said. “I’m gonna get my girl back!”