We were standing in the school hall, looking around aimlessly. It was our matric ball after party.

“Where she is? She’s supposed to be here already. Let me try to call her again,” said Miranda, pulling her phone out of her purse.

She entered the school hall in a hurry and stood by the door, checking her cell phone in her purse. Nicole saw her first and she pulled Miranda by her arm.

“There she is! Keisha!” they shouted and waved at her.

I saw her too and wow she always looked so beautiful and calm with that cute, round face, and those smooth, cute cheeks of hers. When she smiled her cheeks turned a tad pink. Her white teeth sparkled and danced with her round brown eyes, that bobbed blonde hair sweeping across her gorgeous face show casing her beauty.

Her friends were so pleased to see her there, as she liked to keep herself detached from crowded places. Now that she was here, her friends went berserk and hugged her, kissing her with joy. All of our class mates were happy to see her, and she was overwhelmed by them. My friends, James and Luther, were there too, somewhere in the mix. And me, I was standing, admiring from afar, and I really admired her.

I’ve known Keisha Adams for five years. We were friends since low grades and I’ve been in love since with her since Grade 7. She doesn’t know about my adoration for her.

My plan tonight was to tell her how I felt about her. But I felt apprehensive about the whole idea and decided to bid my time. I stood there and looked at her with silent awe. She was angelic, you could even see the conversations she was having with everyone were animated.

She was an approachable, down to earth girl, who was attractive, and loved to smile. She had a great personality and everyone liked her attitude.

When she finally snuck out of the crowd, she ambled towards me. The school hall was filled with pupils, with dimmed lights, and music playing softly in the background. I didn’t know whether she saw me from where she was standing with her friends. But I had the most wonderful view of her. I’d like to think that she stood there intentionally, so I could bless my eyes with her beauty.

As she walked towards me, her steps were so smooth and she stepped with the beat. I really couldn’t hold back my smile. Seeing this beautiful body all dolled up, was the perfect combination of cute and sexy. I told myself that tonight this was it. And then she walked towards until she was standing next to me.

“Hey Peter, you look bored. What’s up?” she asked.

I chocked for a moment. I looked at her and it was like seeing her for the very first time, every time it was like that. I babbled about her eyes. Seeing her closer to me made me notice her attractive hair sweeping just across her eyelashes, highlighting those big brown eyes.

I didn’t know what to do or say, so I just rambled on about everything, confusing her. This made her smile at my antics.


Tell us: Do you think Peter will have the courage to tell Keisha how he feels?