Shakes came to check on Japheth to see where he stands with the business.

“Look, I gave what you said a thought last night. I called Ebuka to set up a meeting with them, they agreed to meeting today and I want you to be there,” said Japheth.

“What, can’t you handle it yourself?” Shakes laughed.

“No, that’s not even the thing. I want them to know that when I’m not around they will be meeting with you,”

“I knew you would fit your father’s shoes, but right now, you just surpassed him,” Shakes praised the boy.

“That old man won’t touch us,” Japheth said with great poise.

“Don’t underestimate your grandfather. I used to work for him, that man is smart and ruthless. I don’t want you to end up like your father,” Shakes shrieked. He had told his father the same thing before his demise. Jairos was the most ruthless man he’d ever met.

Later that day Japheth checked his messages.

“Bra Shakes, they are waiting for us.”

They went to meet Ebuka and the rest of the clients.

“Hey young Lloyd, nice to see you,” said Ebuka as he stood up to shake Japheth’s hand.

“Hey Mr Sibu, the man has a name and would really appreciate it if you stopped calling him by his father’s name. Call him Japheth,” rebuked Shakes as they sat down.

“Gentlemen, thank you for agreeing to meet with us. And as you know, my father is gone, may God bless his soul, and I will be in charge. To have a fresh start I would like to offer you a 25% discount as a token of appreciation for being loyal to my father’s business,” Japheth verbalised.

“Oh, that’s generous of you young man. But I’m afraid generosity is nothing when you are incompetent,” another man murmured.

Shakes looked at the man with rage.

“You hardly know the man, but you already talk about his incompetence!” Shakes shrieked.

“I understand that we don’t know each other, but if you give me some time to prove that I am as competent as my father,” begged Japheth.

Japheth was unsure whether these old men were trying to test him, or if they just didn’t want to work with him. He didn’t know which side the wind was blowing.

“That’s the problem son, time is a luxury we can’t afford, that’s gambling son,” murmured Ebuka.

“I worked with my father, giving the product. I was dealing with the merchandise and finances and he did the meetings with you. And you know this Uncle Ebuka,” Japheth explained.

“Son, you were taught well, but you’re book smart, you base your business on research and books. Wikipedia and expensive colleges that your father took you to mean nothing. But me and your father, we learnt from the real world, the streets. This is not personal son, but we have a new supplier. He gave us an offer we couldn’t resist. Now take your time to earn respect and build your own legacy, we’ll talk business maybe someday.”

Ebuka stood with his men, leaving the two men with their jaws dropped and disappointed.

“This has your grandfather written all over it. Jairos is a cancer,” Shakes said out of anger. “Okay, just let this go Japh, we’ll find another way. For now just focus on pushing the stuff on the nightclub and make this place attractive to rich men,” he added.

“Are you kidding me?!” Japheth shouted.

“You disagree?”

“No, I’m looking at this old pig, don’t look, he’s coming to us,” he muttered.

“My smart grandson and my former slave talking business after a successful business meeting with my newly found clients,” Jairos, Japheth’s grandfather said floating towards them.

“How dare you even set your foot here?” Shakes hissed.

“Oh Shakes, you’re still this overprotective clown? That’s cute. But remember, this is a family matter,” said the cheeky old man.

“I’m not your family, you heartless bastard! You tore our family apart and killed your own son over a stupid drug client,” said a furious grandson.

Shakes was right, the old man can’t be taken for granted, he thought, wishing to wring the old man’s neck.


Tell us: Do you think Japheth’s grandfather might try to kill him too?