“Your uncle is leaving,” my mother volunteered the information.

“He’s going back to the US,” my father added.

I turned to look at Shokwakhe, and his eyes were cast on the floor. “We just think the States has a lot more opportunities for our children,” he said, suddenly looking at me.

I nodded before responding. “So, that was goodbye?” I asked. He and I knew what I was referring to, which was that passionate moment we had shared in the shower.

Shokwakhe nodded. “Of course son, but I’ll be sure to visit more often,” he said. “My K1 Visa got approved, so we’re going back.”

“Well, I’m happy for you,” I said, smiling.

Shokwakhe pulled me in for a hug, and he felt warm and smelled nice. “I’ll miss you,” he whispered to me gently.

I pulled back. “Okay, I’ll go study. Please travel safe,” I shouted, walking up the stairs.

When I got to my room, I fell into a deep sleep, and when I woke up, I expected to see Shokwakhe lying next to me, but he was not. I frowned and reminisced about the past two weeks, and how crazy it had all been. Then, finally, I threw out all the gifts he had bought me, and my old boyfriend, whom I had dumped for him, called me.

“Andrew,” I responded.

“Please give me another chance?” He begged, but I hung up.

Later, as I put all of Shokhwakhe’s gifts in a black plastic bag, I came to the conclusion that he had never been mine to begin with. Then, as I was thinking, Andrew’s name flashed on the screen once more, and it was an incoming call. I smiled, thinking how cute he was. Now, that was one person who was mine, and I giggled as Andrew started sending text messages because I was not answering his calls.


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