We started seing a lot of each other. I liked being seen in his beautiful cars, going to fancy places and wearing the expensive stylish clothes that he gave me so I could play the part of a real celebrity. I had the fame and fortune I had dreamt about. I got everything I wanted – could change hairstyles whenever I wanted. I was loving life.

We only argued when he touched her or asked her to sleep with him… I held off for a while but eventually gave in – after all, he had done so much for me. My friends staring calling him my “ATM” because he gave me so much money.

The year drew to a close and I headed for home. I couldn’t wait to see Zinhle and tell her everything.

But Zinhle wasn’t so happy about it. I thought that she was jealous. But we fought and our friendship of so many years ended.

The following year I continued to see Dollar – my ATM. There were more gifts and expensive clothes. I stopped going to university and moved in with Dollar as he had promised to make my dreams come true, the quick and easy way.

But he kept on making excuses when I asked him about getting acting parts. I was slowly forgetting my dreams. But, because I had everything, I wasn’t complaining – it was all I’d ever wanted and more. However there were jealous people telling me that Dollar was bad and that I should stay away from him. Of course I didn’t listen to them.