“Lights, camera, action… CUT!!!”

I was just about to re-do my kissing scene with Tom Cruise when Miss Langa loudly slapped her ruler on my desk.

“Zama, you are day-dreaming again!”

The whole class burst into laughter. But, just then the bell rang.

“Shoo! Saved by the bell,” I whispered.

“Woza nazo, chomie – tell me all about it, girl,” Zinhle said, pulling Zama down to sit with her. We usually spent our break time dreaming and planning our future. We both wanted to be in “SHOW BiZZ” – we lived to act.

The matric exams were just around the corner… but all I could think about was making it big in the acting industry. I wanted the fame and the fortune. “Hollywood, here I come,” I kept telling herself.