Their conversation took a different direction. Everyone was nursing their own commotion they were feeling within themselves, but none of them said anything to the other. Their hearts took them where they didn’t expect. Eyes wandered everywhere except to each other.

That was the last time he ever heard of her. The love train was an increasing distance between them. What I’m telling is the truth because I am that boy called Joy (Thabang Mawela). She was always on my mind. She even popped in my dreams. It felt as if my heart was ripped off my chest. I wanted to erase her from my memories, but everyone kept on reminding me about her including my mother.

“Thabang, where is my daughter-in-law?” she would say. I didn’t know what to say to her.

The one thing I regret the most was taking her virginity, as everyone thought it was the other way around. You hear people encouraging you by saying everything will be fine. How can you be fine with this? The problem is that we let it hang over our minds. I wished I could reach a stage where I could control it instead of it controlling me.

There’s no one who can know how you feel by looking at someone who is suffering. It doesn’t make you feel their pain. That is an honest truth because no person can feel the pain without experiencing it first. In love, don’t be proud.


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