William was a jubilant little teenage boy all over again. He finally got the love of his life back and by some strange miracle; she still loved him and was willing to try again. They had a long way to go and a lot of obstacles on the way but he believed; hell he was more than confident that they will pull through. All he had to do was to inform his parents of his decision and this time he will stand by it. He couldn’t help but grin at the thought of how wonderful life was going to be with Lindy. He knew his father would explode, but he chose to be with Lindy and they just had to deal.

He knew Sasha would have already told mummy and now he had to think of counter strategies fast. Dad will come at me with everything when he finds out; he’ll destroy my business and my standing with the embassy, he thought to himself. But he really didn’t care about that, he could start over if push came to shove and he…they, will be successful together. He still couldn’t get over the fact that she was willing to try, “but we’ll have to take things really slow for Grace’s sake and my heart. We’ll talk and make plans and see how this will work out,’ she had said to him when he asked – begged – for a second chance.

Mother will be thrilled, he thought. She was always supportive of anything he did and she worried about him. “My baby, you need to get out more, all this solitude is not healthy. You’re young and vibrant and very handsome, a real catch. You can’t spend your days on work and your nights on work, you need a life. Get out and live a little.” She had understood that he was brooding over his long lost love and she feared that he’ll never get over her.

He started thinking about what angles his father would come at. As far as his own business was concerned all his clients and contact lists were solid. Jonathan Fischer can only hurt his son’s business but not to the point of complete demolition. His character at the embassy could easily be discredited, nobody liked a scandal especially one of international status. Then it hit him, his dad will come at Lindy! His jaw stiffened and his hands started shaking just at the thought of how ruthless his father could be. He knew now he had to protect Lindy and that meant they had to be utterly honest with each other about their past lives. Then his phone rang and he picked it up without checking who it was.

“William darling, how are you”? Sasha sounded almost sympathetic on the other side.

“Uh… ok thanks. What’s wrong? It’s late you should be asleep.” He didn’t know what else to say, her voice sounded cracked and yet solid, he was confused.

“Oh darling; how can one sleep at a time like this? I’m worried about you. I over reacted in the car and I wanted to apologise and tell you that I’m here for you,” she waited and there was a long pause.

“I’m fine Sasha don’t worry about me. And I know you were mad, hell you have every right to be. If anyone needs to apologise here it’s me. I’m sorry I put you in an awkward situation, I’m sorry I…”

“Don’t worry about it, I totally understand,” she cut in. “Let’s have breakfast tomorrow and we can talk about it.”

“Ok, that sounds great I’ll come pick you up, say at 9 and we’ll go to that place you like so much, Delight.” He just wanted to see Lu so he can ask about Lindy.

“Sure, sounds great. See you in the morning. Sleep tight.” She held back the gag reflex the name ‘Delight’ made her feel. And going back to that place; yuck, even though they made awesome foods. She knew he just wanted to see the chick but she didn’t care, she had a plan, mummy had equipped her well with wisdom. William wouldn’t know what hit him.


Tell us what you think: Does William and Lindy stand a chance against the ruthless pair of Dr Fischer and Mr Sinclair?