When Lindsay got home, she noticed that Lisa wasn’t in the house. She went past the kitchen and found a note that read:

Pls slp @ Nelie’s house again. I won’t b back until Tuesday.

Lindsay felt disgusted at the thought of sleeping over at Nelie’s again, especially after being raped by her “friends”. She decided to call Brian over.

He came as soon as he could. He was glad that she called him, he was afraid that she didn’t want him anymore. He consoled her the whole Sunday night.

Monday came and Lindsay was feeling much better. She had accepted her fate and decided to just deal with the consequences of choosing the lifestyle that she did.

As usual, her friends acted normal and said nothing about the party. Lindsay soon realised that this is how things were. They never talked about what they did together; she learned to be like them as well.

A few months after moving to Jikaville, starting a new school and be-friending new people, life became normal to her. They still had their wild parties and Lindsay had to recruit new members, which she did. She never told anyone about what happened to her. Lisa never saw the difference either.

Lindsay was surprised to hear from Katie, after eight months, she finally wanted to talk to her!

“My bestie… I missed you so much, I’m okay now. Hey guess what, I’m coming there for the holidays! I can’t wait,” said Katie in excitement. Lindsay panicked! Where would she hide Katie? Her friends would think she’s one of her recruits.

“Oh, how wonderful… I miss you so much more, are you sure you want to come? I mean, you might not like my new lifestyle,” said the worried Lindsay. Katie didn’t want to hear a thing. She was too excited. She hung up after telling Lindsay that she’d come the day after tomorrow.

Lindsay tried to tell her friends that her sister was visiting her for the week and that she’s not her recruit. They didn’t want to hear a thing! They said they’d welcome her in a “special” way. Of course, Lindsay knew what they meant.

The day finally arrived and they welcomed Katie just like they had promised. Lindsay tried to hide her but Katie wanted to see and know everyone. Katie was shocked! But maybe because of the alcohol consumption, she went with the flow. Lindsay felt guilty because she’d just introduced her bestie to her new lifestyle. But Katie was loving the new change, and soon adjusted to it.

What happened at the parties was never spoken of, ever.

The End


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