Monday came around; Lindsay was worried sick about her best friend Katie. She had tried to call her the whole time, but her phone was still off. Lindsay told her mother about her worries. Her mom had assured her that Katie was okay and that her phone was broken.

She spoke to Katie on her mom’s phone. Lindsay could hear that Katie didn’t want to speak to her. She gave her short, cold answers. Lindsay tried to understand and blamed it on herself, since she was the one who left Katie.

Katie was the least of her problems though, because Lindsay was starting Grade 11 in a new school. The school was a multi-racial school and it was the best school in the town of Jikaville.

When Lisa dropped her off, Lindsay tried her best to look happy. A girl approached her, she looked sweet. She greeted Lindsay and introduced herself as Annelie. The girl was talkative and friendly, Lindsay was at ease, at least for the whole day.

Later in the afternoon when Lindsay had returned from school, she called her mom and told her about her first day at school. It wasn’t too bad because Annelie be-friended her early in the morning. Her mom cried tears of joy when she heard that her daughter’s day went well.

“Linds my love, I think Katie misses you, she said that I must tell you that she doesn’t want to talk to you… at least for a week. I’m sorry darling, I think she needs time to grasp the fact that you’re gone,” said her mother.

Lindsay was speechless, she felt as if she was losing Katie. She hung up after saying “Okay” to her mom. She cried shortly after that. Has Katie found a new friend, or has she started hating her? Those were Lindsay’s thoughts.

A week felt like a month to Lindsay, Katie was still not answering her calls. Lisa tried consoling her the whole time, “Maybe you should forget about Katie for a while sis… hey, focus on your new life… perhaps Annelie will be a better friend. Just give Katie space, she’ll call you when she wants to talk. OK?” said her concerned sister. Lindsay just nodded in agreement.

When she was sleeping in her bed, Lindsay kept pondering about what her sister had told her. Maybe Lisa is right! I should forget about Katie and just have fun with my new friends,” thought Lindsay.

The next morning when she was at school, her new group of friends were talking about going to a party. Ever since Lindsay met Annelie, she was exposed to many other “friends”. Annelie was a sweet, popular girl; she had many friends… a group of mixed-gender friends. They had welcomed Lindsay with joy, the first time they met her. They included her in everything they talked about.

“This is going to be the best party ever! I can’t wait to go there,”’ said the excited Annelie. Lindsay just smiled at her. She wasn’t used to attending parties… actually; she was not allowed to go to any party. “Hey just tell your sister that you’ll be spending the night at my house,” said Annelie, after hearing about what Lindsay had to say about her, not being allowed to attend parties.

When Lindsay got home on that Friday afternoon, she lied to Lisa and told her that she was going to spend the weekend at Annelies house. A part of it was true because they would return Saturday evening, and sleep at Annelie’s house, then Lindsay would go back home on Sunday. This was the new Lindsay… she felt guilty for lying, but she had to. She really wanted to attend Brian’s party.


Tell us what you think: Should Katie be mad at Lindsay for relocating? Could Annelie be a better friend to Lindsay?