Going to the police was not an option. I didn’t even think about going to the police and now I knew why I shouldn’t have gone. I didn’t know what to do.

About tonight? I did know what I should do. That order has already been given.

It wasn’t like I was afraid of Zakes but I knew that I must lose to him. I really don’t want to lose but I knew that I just had to lose.

The girl I loved will lose her life if I don’t lose.

I had seen it a million times in movies.

I wanted to beat Zakes for all those kids that he had beaten. I wanted to tell him know how it feels to have someone’s knuckles hit his face. I wanted him to taste his own blood.

“Dammit Bongi!! What are you doing!? This ain’t the time to think of how badly you want to hurt Zakes! It ain’t never gonna happen.” I thought to myself.

Even if I did lose to Zakes, Zali would still be here in Parkview. And, he knew where I lived and everything. But, what he didn’t know is that Sam also knew about him and what he was doing here.

I quickly crossed the bridge over the river. As I got closer to the area where the fight would take place I could hear the voices of kids talking at the same time.

It looked like the whole school had come to see how Zakes was going to beat me down. It looked like all my classmates had come.

Renesha was standing and chatting with Wendy under a tree. A few metres from them were Thandi and Lillian sitting on a rock, slightly separate from the excited crowd. Behind them stood Sam with his arms folded. I moved closer to them.

“You know, Lillian…” I heard Thandi saying.

“I really missed him when he was away in Bloem for the holidays. It felt like an eternity.”

“I know you did.” Lillian responded.

Without Thandi and Lillian seeing I pulled Sam away. I didn’t want Thandi to know what was going on.

I told Sam everything that Zali had told me on my way here and that he was under the impression that I was the only one that knew about him. I looked around and saw Zakes and his two buddies standing under a tree. I noticed that Zakes kept on asking Ben for the time. I could see he was getting impatient.

“I have to lose bra. I don’t want her to get hurt. I just love her too much.” I said in a low voice.

Sam placed his hand on my shoulder. “Then don’t fight,” he said.

I exhaled hard.

“Wish I could, bra, but I must.” I said.

“So you will let him beat you?” Sam asked.

“Listen, Sam, I know how Zakes has won all those fights he’s been in.”

“How?” Sam ask raising his eyebrow.

“So I tell Sam Thandi is in the middle of all this. Zali said I have to lose or else…I paused.” I don’t even want to think about it.

“I understand now. You are doing this because you love her,” Sam said.
“Yeah.” I replied.

It looked like Zakes had lost patience. “Where is this guy!?” Zakes shouted.

“Then do what you gotta do. You know I support you all the way.” Sam said.

“Thanks bra.”

“Over here!!” I shouted at Zakes.

Everybody looked at me.

“Ah! Yes, there you are.” Zakes said.

Thandi came to me.

“Bongi you don’t have to do this.” Thandi said.

I looked Thandi in her eyes.

“Stop wasting time!” Zakes shouted.

“I have to do this.” I said softly to Thandi.

I walked past Thandi into the circle of screaming kids.

“LET’S FIGHT!!” Zakes shouted.

Zakes threw a punch to my face and I ducked. Another one and again I ducked. The crowd was going wild. I looked through the crowd. I saw Thandi’s face. She looked scared. I looked back at Zakes. A huge fist came my way that hit me right on the side of the face. I fell to the ground.

Lesson number one. Never take your eyes off your opponent. The crowd went wild. I guess they liked what they saw.

I tried to get up from the ground, but Zakes sent another blow to my face sending me once again to the ground. Blood was coming from my mouth and nose, Zakes raised his arms in the air thinking the fight is over. The crowd went wild. I lay on my back. But, to Zakes’ surprise I got up once again.

“Not gonna give up, I see,” Zakes said as he walked towards me.

He kicked me to the ground. He then came to sit on my stomach and started to throw punches left and right on my face. He got up and raised his arms once again.

Thandi couldn’t take it any longer. She rushed into the circle and knelt down next to me. Tears were coming down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry Bongi.” She sobbed.

I reached out to take her hand.

“Could somebody please get her out of here?” Zakes said.

Ben and Jack stepped into the circle and took her by her arms and moved her out of the circle.

“Lemme go! You’re hurting me!” Thandi kicked and screamed.

I got to my knees.

“Let her go!” I shouted and wiped the blood from my mouth. “Let her go or else…” I paused.

Zakes came and stood in front of me like a giant.

“Or else what?” he said with a grin.

Zakes wanted to throw another punch at me but I blocked his right. He tried with his left hand. I grabbed his hand in mid air. I tightly held onto his wrists.

“Lemme go, you fool!” Zakes shouted.

Using my legs I jumped up and hit him with my knee in his stomach. He stumbled back but didn’t fall because I was still holding onto his wrists. I released my right hand and threw five punches into his face. With my knee I punched him again in the stomach. He wanted to fall to his knees. I released my left hand and grabbed him by the face.

I looked around. It was quiet. “What’s going on?” I asked myself.

Ben and Jack had released their grip on Thandi. Sam had gone to see if she was all right.

It was the final blow to the face that sent Zakes flying through the air. He was out.

The crowd started to go crazy.

I walked across to Sam and Thandi and collapsed in front of them in exhaustion.

“Don’t worry guys. He is just tired.” Sam said as he picked me up off the ground.