He was one of those few lucky men who had almost everything he needed in life. Although it seemed the fancy life he had was not meant for him. He was just a teacher at a local public school and was not earning that much. It was his wife of four years, Silindile who was bringing a large sum on their table. Silindile was an accountant at Wemfair Company, a company that specialised in making cold drinks and fridges. She was one of the top black, female accountants in the country and had gotten many awards for her great performances.

Not only was she good at her work but also her beauty was beyond astounding. People called her “B”, not ‘B’ for Bonang but ‘B’ for Beyoncé. S’lindile had everything she wanted at 28, everything but one. She was not able to give her husband what every man wants; children. But she was just the girl that every man would appreciate to have in his life. She was modest and kind.

S’lindile’s husband, Mr Sipho Ndlovu or Mr Bosso, as some of the people called him, was an arrogant man. He liked to mock people and he annoyed everyone in his community. He was the kind of a person that wanted everybody to know what he had, how easily he got things and how lovely his beautiful wife was treating him. He loved to boast. He was also a big name dropper and had a big problem of not being a team player. He loved taking credit for everything. He’d always be heard saying, “I have done this, I can do that… I have this… I have that… I am this…”

People, including his friends, hated him. They said he behaved as if he was God’s first love. They never understood why S’lindile was with a man such as Ndlovu. Many men had tried to woo S’lindile. Some did it as a way of irritating Ndlovu. Some just wanted to be in his social circles and some because they really loved her. But unfortunately none of them had ever had luck, none succeed. S’lindile was a married woman and she wanted nobody else.