“I know who’s been doing this, Detective,”

They were in Tricia’s apartment: Detective Terrence, William Wilson, Tricia and Ben the bodyguard. As soon as she’d received the last note, Tricia had called the detective. He needed to start taking her seriously.

“Who’s Jonny Bravo there?” Detective Terrence said, pointing at Ben.

Tricia rolled her eyes. Was he even listening to her? “That’s Ben, my bodyguard. Detective I’m trying to tell you, I know who did this!”

“Alright, Ms Wilson. Who is it?”

“Martin!” Tricia said, like it was the most obvious thing. “I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. I guess Martin is forgettable, like that”

Ben suddenly coughed, like he was choking on his own spit. What a dweeb! Trish glared harshly at him. He was interrupting her Big Reveal, for Christ’s sake!

“Again, Ms Wilson, who?”

Honestly, he was the densest detective Tricia had ever met. Hadn’t he done a background check on her love-life when she’d been a suspect to the murders?

“Martin is this creep I dated about three weeks ago,” Trish explained. “I only dated him as a sort of joke, of course, but he got completely attached. Cried like a baby when I dumped him.”

It was the Detective’s turn to roll his eyes this time, but he did it inwardly. Ms Wilson got even more despicable than she originally was every second.

“So?” Terrence said sarcastically.

“You’re not very good at your job are you, Detective?” Tricia snapped. “When I dumped him, Martin kept repeating how he’d never let me go or whatever. Remember those pink little notes you wouldn’t take seriously, Detective?”

With a flourish, Tricia presented the latest note to the detective.

“Martin is the only person in this world who called me that disgusting nickname. Somehow he knew it was Ben’s night off last night.”

Detective Terrence promised to look into it and keep them all posted.

“One more thing, Detective. I ‘m sure Martin Smith is the one who’s stalking me, but he couldn’t have killed those men. He must have got someone else to do it for him, because Martin is a weak, weak man. Too weak to kill anyone.”


Tell us what you think: Will the detective take Tricia seriously? Why do you think the stalker didn’t kill/harm her when he had the chance?