Detective Terrence was still furious, but this time for different reasons.

Something wasn’t adding up with his case and it made him mad. Everything was too obvious. Ms Wilson was a mean, spoilt brat and Terrence strongly disliked her, but he didn’t believe she’d committed these murders.

Other than the fact that there were no valid reasons for every piece of her DNA on all the victims, it was just too obvious. It was just too convenient that all the evidence pointed to Tricia.

Detective Terrence would even say it seemed like someone had gone to a lot of trouble to make sure that Ms Wilson was the only suspect in the case. Tricia Wilson didn’t look too bright to Detective Terrence, but even he doubted that she’d be this stupid.

She wouldn’t kill three men then leave visible strands of her hair, her jewellery and blobs of her lip gloss all over the lifeless bodies.

“And do you notice how all this evidence is so impersonal? “ Officer Berkley, a junior cop, was saying. “No saliva, no dead skin cells under the victims’ nails. There’s nothing that proves, beyond reasonable doubt, that she killed these men”

Terrence hated to admit it, but Berkley was right.

Someone wanted to frame Ms Wilson for murder. It wasn’t such a far-fetched idea, actually. The Wilson family was well known all over Silverrod. Like all influential families, they must have quite a few enemies.

Hell, Tricia Wilson must have a hundred enemies all on her own, with that nasty rich-girl attitude. If it didn’t go against everything he stood for, Detective Terrence himself might have been tempted to let her take the fall for the murders.

The thought made him laugh, a little. At least he wasn’t as furious anymore.


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