I decided to pay my friend a visit; she lived on the third floor with her aunt and grandfather. Besides, I knew she would be thrilled because she was waiting for my return. I quickly went into the elevator and punched number four. I knocked on the door and just as I expected she opened the door and hugged me.

“Lami you’re here. Come in, have a seat. So, how was school? Give me all the details,” she said excitedly.

I sat on the sofa and we began talking about lots of things. I really loved Savannah’s company, she was a good listener.

“Hey Savannah, I was on the internet and I came across a cool thing. It’s called astral projection. It’s when you wilfully leave your body. Isn’t that great and mind blowing?” I asked.

“It sounds great, but you shouldn’t involve yourself in the unseen world. It can have dire consequences,” she replied, rolling her eyes.

“You sound just like my uncle Barry,” I jokingly replied.

“I’m just saying.”

I then told her I had to leave because I would have to be there when Uncle Barry came or else I would look like an ‘impromptu visitor’. So we said our byes and I went back home.

At home I found Imani safe and sound. After a few hours, mother and uncle Barry walked in. Uncle Barry looked different, he was much thinner than before and his face was more emotionless than usual. Then he began to speak in his slow Hungarian accent. He had it from studying in Hungary.

“Hello Lami, how are you? What have you been doing to yourself? You seem to be spiritually and mentally imbalanced,” he said.

Again with the spirit talk, I thought. I managed to fake a smile and replied, “I am very much okay, and I think I am balanced in all areas of my life.”

He just smile-glared at me and walked to the sitting room. I then walked to my room and stayed put. I could hear uncle Barry in his room praying. When father came we had dinner. Uncle Barry wouldn’t stop talking about demons and how to deal with them. When dinner was over mom put away the dishes and we all went to bed.

I showered and changed into my Mickey Mouse PJs and went to my room. I began the astral projection video tutorial. I saw a weirdly dressed woman on screen and we began to chat.

“Hello welcome to the astral stranger programme, I am Madame Serena. What is your name?” she said in a calm reassuring voice.

“I am Lami. So tell me, what is the astral stranger programme all about?” I asked.

“Thank you for asking Lami. The main aim of the astral stranger programme is to teach astral projection to anyone who is interested and it is totally free,” she replied.

“Great! So can we begin?” I asked.

“I like your energy. But before we begin, I’d like to tell you about astral projection. It is simply wilfully allowing yourself to leave your body. In the astral realm or plane, you can meet anything and anyone. You can do anything; for example, you could create a flaming sword. Now let us begin, just do as I say and remember to stay silent,” she said. “Lie down on your bed and take deep breaths. Relax your whole body and focus on creating an unusual floating sensation,” she added.


Tell us: Do you trust Madame Serena?