“Hey,” he says, his eyes completely glued to Lesego’s white thighs.

“Hi,” she replies.

I get the sense that Lesego feels uncomfortable.

“I’m Thabiso,” he introduces himself, his car keys dangling from his left pinky finger.

Lesego nods in response and ignores the hand Thabiso has put out.

“Lesego,” she says.

Thabiso rubs his palms together. He sits down. I watch my boyfriend as he acts all stupid in front of Lesego. I almost laugh. Almost.

“I need to do some groceries. Do you need anything?” Lesego stands up, clearly uncomfortable.

“Just some carrots and milk,” I say.

She nods and walks out.

“Money?” I ask.

“You can pay me later,” she says.

“I can drive you there,” Thabiso offers.

“No thanks. I have a car.” Lesego walks out.

After the door is shut, Thabiso looks at me for the first time today.

“She really has a car?” he asks.

“She does. A Mazda,” I reply with a smile.

I stand up, my weave lying dramatically on my shoulders as I do so. I’m wearing shorts and a vest.

He slips his hands in my shorts. “I missed you,” he says, his hands moving under my panties.

“I…missed you too,” I say, slowly.

He sees that I want him. He starts kissing my neck, and we get intimate right there in my kitchen.

Lesego walks in at about half past five. Thabiso is long gone by then. She has all I have asked for and more.

“Hey, thanks. I love chocolate.” I say.

She smiles, “Which lady doesn’t?” she asks.

I nod.

“So, that was your boyfriend?” she continues.

I nod, embarrassed. There’s a look of disappointment in her eyes.

I hold her face up, “Did he make you uncomfortable?” I ask.


She stands up, I follow her.

“Where are you going? I could cook and…” I say.

“No,” she says, as she heads for the door.

I have this sense of stopping her. I don’t know why.

“OK. We could eat chocolate,” I say.

She shakes her head. “Some other day,” she tells me.

I want to scream, “Please don’t go!” but I don’t.

Why do I want to stop her? Do I like her? I can’t be lesbian! I’m a girly girl, I like boys, hell, I even have a boyfriend, though he’s a jerk.

I finally reach her; I grab her hand.

She looks back. “What?” she says.

“I just wanted to say, sleep tight,” I say.

She shakes her head. “Sleep good,” she tells me, and walks out.


Tell us: Why do you think Lesego reacts the way she does?