Must I call the police? Must I run away? What must I do? She thought. She snapped from her thoughts, she ran to the bedroom, packed her clothes and called a cab to the Airport. On the way to the Airport, she couldn’t stop thinking about what she has done.

She landed safely without hassles at Durban Airport. Outside the airport, two policemen held a page with Nolutho’s name. She decided to go to them. “I’m Ms Dingana. May I help you?” She said.

“Ma’am, would you like to accompany us to the police station?” One policeman said.

“Why am I summoned, officer?”

“Well, we are investigating a murder case that occurred.” The other policeman replied. Nolutho put her bags down, gently and runs away. The policemen chased and captured her.

“Nolutho Dingana, you’re under arrested for the murder of Siyabonga Mkhotheni”

“No! There must be a mistake!” She said.

Two weeks later, Nolutho was sentenced to 25 years in jail. Siya’s family was given the BA ad Agency as a gift from Nolutho. Siya got the funeral he really deserved.