“No!! You’re making a mistake!!” Those were the words spoken by Nolutho, a 24-year old successful woman of Richards Bay who looked like a mermaid. Her heart was stolen by young Siyabonga, 17 years old, who was Nolutho’s prince charming.

Nolutho was a proud owner of the BA advertising Agency and she was wanted by a lot of men. People thought that she was using muthi to attract men, married or not. She didn’t care about people’s comments because she knew that there was no truth to it. But one day, she had a shock of her life when she almost ran over a young, schoolboy.

“I’m so, so sorry! Are you okay?” Nolutho asked.

“I’m alright ma’am. I should’ve watched where I was going,” the young fellow replied.

“Must I take you to hospital? I can’t believe that I did this.” She kept on talking until the schoolboy interrupted her.

“Ma’am, I’m fine. My name is Siyabonga, Siyabonga Mkhotheni. And you are?”

“Dingana, Nolutho Dingana.”

Nolutho offered young Siyabonga a lift to school and he agreed. On the way, they got to know each other and she was astounded by the fact that he knew neither her, nor her company.

They exchanged numbers and promised to meet again. She had never felt so complete since finishing matric. She was confused with him, lost without him. For a moment she didn’t care about dating but now, she couldn’t stop thinking about Siyabonga’s cheeky smile and sexy laugh. She was attached to him.