“Wait a minute, that car looks like Jeromie’s” Ziyanda said.

“Who’s Jeromie?”

“Oh no, it can’t be?”

“It can’t be what?” her friend said.

“Oh my word, it really is his car!”

“What are you talking about Ziyanda!”

“No I can’t tell, let’s just go!”

“No ways! I first want to see the guy, if he’s hot or not!” her friend shouted.

“Let’s just go!” Ziyanda shouted loudly.

“Okay okay! We are going. Tjo don’t bite us mara!,”


“Wow this dress really look beautiful in you Zizipho!” Jeromie said smiling.

“Thanks Jero,” I replied.

“Come, get in the car so we can go,”


“I still can’t believe my daughter could do such thing! I didn’t raise her like that. I mean we are Christians and she knows she’s not allowed to date! And she said she’s going with you, Ziyanda,” Zizipho’s mom was shocked when she heard the news from Ziyanda.

“Well I guess your daughter is hypocrite!” Ziyanda shouted.

“Don’t say that Ziyanda,” her dad disciplined her.

“Well she’s damn right, she has fooled us all. We always knew her as this innocent girl!” Ziyanda’s mom said.

They were all sitting in Zizipho’s house waiting for her to come back from her date with “Ziyanda”.
Hehe, bye Ziyanda,” Zizipho said from outside after Jeromie dropped her by the gate. She was not aware of the surprise that awaited her.


“Oh look she’s still fooling me,” My mom said as I walked into the house.

“Well she’ll be fooling herself when she enters the door,” said Ziyanda.

“Oh Ziyanda!” I said in great shock.

“Zizipho tell me, how can you do this to me, huh tell me now!”

“What are you talking about Ziyanda?”

“Oh no, you know exactly what I’m talking about! What did you do with my Jeromie!”

“I… I… I’m sorry, Yanda, I was jealous of you. You had everything you wanted. You had a rich family, you had a famous father, while I didn’t even know mine. And besides, you made all men get you want you want and you got away with it!” I shouted.

“Whaat! I’m not shocked, that’s what all my Frenemies say!”

“Please forgive me, Ziyanda,”

“I would have forgiven you if you did that with Simon, Sipho or even that stupid Bryce. Which now makes it obvious that you made him to try and rape me!”

“No Yanda, I will never do that to you!”

“Go to hell Zizipho. I don’t ever want to see you again,”

“You are a good girl Zizipho, don’t let envy turn you to evil!” Ziyanda’s father said while walking out the door with the rest of his family.

“Oh Mama I’m a bad girl without a father. A bad girl that nobody wants!”

“Come on Zizi, you know that’s not true. You are very special to me and everybody makes mistakes. I also grew up without a father and when your father abandoned me, my mother encouraged me to abort you because she knew how hard it is to raise a child without the help of it father. But I never gave up on you,” My mom said holding my shoulders.

“Stop defending me, Mama, I have gone too far this time,” I cried.

“No baby. It’s my fault, I knew that decided to rent a house in Sandton would be a bad idea. Everybody is living life in fast lane here. And we were supposed to move out last month but I saw you were getting close to Ziyanda and I wanted to give you more time with her!”

“What do you mean, Mom!”

“I mean, by the help of God our father, the bank bought us a house in Orlando East and I will pay them monthly. And that means we will start a new life there,”

“But, how?” I asked excitedly.

“Well, I was promoted at Shoprite,” she screamed. “According to my level of education I’m qualified to be a manager!”

“Wow I can’t believe this Ma!”

“I know baby, this is hard to believe but it’s true! And I’ve realised the Shoprite here in Sandton is far from Orlando East, and that is why my boss gave me a car,!” my mother burst out laughing. “A Toyota Yaris!”

“Wow Ma, that’s my dream car!”

“I know baby, and when you’ve finished school, you are going to have to get a license and the car will be all yours!”

“Wow Mom, that’s great! You are the best mother ever,”

“It’s not me baby, it’s God, our Father!”

The End


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