Hello and goodbye

“Three fairies shine light from within, never more do let us in!” Katongo yelled with a flutter of her wings.

The trio disappeared and appeared just outside the entrance to the throne room. No sooner had they appeared in the throne room than two guards zapped them.

“Aren’t those the guys from before?” asked Katongo, a little shaken.

“Go find Andrea, we’ll hold them off!” Daniel yelled.

The guard’s eyes were bloodshot and the veins on his forehead were now very visible. The animal in him was plain to see. He yelled at the top of his lungs and began throwing fireballs at them; soon the entrance was swarming with fairy guards of all sizes. Lucy began attacking too with a fury that couldn’t be quenched.

Meanwhile, Katongo was hard at work looking for her friend. Luckily, the throne room was empty. With a heavy heart and a tear in her eye, she flew to the ground and sat down, not knowing what to do. Just then she had an idea.

“I’ll cast a direction spell, it ought to do the trick,” she said, mustering up her magic. “By my power I do say, find my friend, show me the way.”

A little purple arrow began floating in the air, showing her the way to her friend. It floated slowly in the air until it pointed to the king’s throne and vanished into thin air. Katongo breathed hard, she found it hard to swallow. She began to bite her nail in despair.

“What ever shall I do?” she asked herself out loud.

She looked around the throne. Beneath it was a little door. She clapped and hovered for joy. She slowly opened it and found a stairway leading deep down. It was very dark and she was hesitant about going in.

“It’s now or never,” she whispered. “Illuminate,” she said, and a bright little flame appeared on the palm of her hand.

She flew at top speed until she came to a stop when she heard muffled sounds in the dark. She extended her palm to see, but her light was not bright enough. Katongo slowly flew towards the source of the sound, the little hairs on her hand were standing up, and she was prepared to give a loud scream at any time. As she came closer, a little face began to form in the dark, black hair and big brown eyes; it was Andrea!

Katongo breathed a sigh of relief. She untied her friend’s mouth and zapped the shackles off her hands and feet. The two hugged.

“Katongo, how did you find me? I thought I’d die here.”

“I used a few spells, but what matters is I’ve found you. Hurry up, we have no time to lose, Daniel and Lucy are busy holding off some guards for us. Let’s go!”

They zoomed up and up until they left the dark and creepy dungeon. Just when they thought they had made it out, they were met by a dark and furious warrior.

“He’s probably an alpha keeper. My parents told me they are the strongest protectors of the king. Fairy magic does virtually nothing to them. We’re doomed,” Andrea said, widening her eyes and hugging herself.

“No, we’re not! Come on Andrea, avoid and evade!” Katongo yelled as she flew out.

Andrea followed. They zigzagged in the air. Up and down they went until they made it out. Daniel and Lucy were very tired from all the fighting. Katongo motioned to them and they flew toward them. Suddenly they were surrounded by guards of all shapes, sizes and ranks. They almost had no place to run to.

“All my magic, final tone, send us four friends safely home!” yelled Katongo, and swirls of magenta covered them up. They found themselves at the abandoned house in their human form.

“What an experience!” they all shouted, and fell to the ground.


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