Desires and actions

Long ago human beings lived up high in the clouds in harmony. Then some of the humans decided to leave for the earth and live on it. Those who remained in the clouds became one with the sky and they were transformed into amazing creatures. They were now known as fairies or people of the air. They delighted in causing trouble for the humans down below. But not all of them rejoiced in mischief-making for the humans. There was one who admired humans more than anything. Her name was Katongo.

Katongo larked along the clouds with her best friend, Andrea. Katongo sat on a cloud and began to notice the humans on the earth.

“It sure would be fun to be one of them,” Katongo sighed.

“Here we go again,” replied an uninterested Andrea. “You know you could get in trouble for this. Imagine what the king would do to you if he found you.”

“Oh Andrea, don’t be such a mummy, it’ll only take a while.”

“No, no, let’s fly back home, Katongo. Noticing humans is strictly forbidden. Remember what happened to that lady who was spotted by humans? She was exiled to live on the earth while the rest of the fairies had to move to a different part of the skies.”

“Blah blah blah,” replied Katongo, as she rolled onto another cloud.

“Katongo, let’s go home this instant!”

With that said, Andrea grabbed Katongo and flew back up high in the clouds to their home. It was like life on earth, but in the skies. Tall buildings were suspended in the sky and people could be seen flying to and fro. The streets were made of precious stones of all forms, shapes and sizes. Mothers were busy buying food in the grocery stores while fathers worked. At the centre of it all was the royal palace. It was big and muscular men guarded every possible entrance.

“Well, my dear Katongo, we’ve arrived.”

“Andrea, couldn’t we have stayed a little longer?”

“And risk being exiled? Oh, no thank you,” she replied. “I have to go home and do my chores. My mother will be very cross with me if she finds that I didn’t. I’ll talk to you later.” And she flew away.

“Bye Andrea,” Katongo waved as Andrea flew off in the distance.

Katongo flew to her bedroom and flopped onto her bed. She took a piece of paper and a pencil and began to draw what she had seen earlier. She drew the images as vividly as possible. Then she stuck the piece of paper on her door next to her other drawings of life on earth. She was now feeling sleepy and she took a nap.

At midnight, Katongo woke up. She looked around and everyone was asleep. She then had an idea. “I’ll sneak out and fly to earth, it will just be a while and I’ll fly back here,” she whispered to herself.

She quietly flew out of the house and onto the streets. In case I never make back home, let me take a little memento to remind me of home, she thought. She bent down and picked up four large diamonds and put them in her purse.

She flew slowly to the city gate, flapping her wings ever so silently so as not to wake anyone up. She arrived at the city gates and took a deep breath. She looked back at her beloved home for the last time with a frown on her face. She slowly opened the gates, walked out and closed them. She then tip-toed past the sleepy guards and flew down to earth.


Tell us: Do you think Katongo will have a positive experience in the human world?