Her heart spoke to mine
She let my fire burn
I remembered my purpose
She connected me to my dream
She saved me from myself

She left her voice in my head
She let me love again
I was becoming…
What had poisoned my creativity?
She came in with a lady friend
Her Name is Buhle
Full of energy and passion
She reminded me of my destiny

Zimkhitha let my fire burn
Her story made my
Fingers tingle I had something
To write about again
She is gifted and full of passion
She read through her story
She painted a picture in my head
Zimkhitha touched my life
I reflected, I was driven again

Buhle no Zimkhitha
I remember their smiles
They affected me
They left a beautiful mark

I was in the path of ruining myself
I was at the edge of forgetting who I am
I had thrown away my ability
My creativity was wasted
I was leading to giving up
Buhle reminded me,
She told me in not so many words
The impact that I can have
on You, On Him and Her