I still felt your presence,
I still felt your spirit around me,
In your arms is where I need to be,
You will always be in my mind,
A good person like you is hard to find.

You’re not here and I’m lonely,
Everything seems to be going wrong,
Your voice in my ears was like a song,
I wish I will see you someday,
It’s hard to accept it but I will find a way,
I wish I could turn back the years,
There is so much sadness, no one cares.

Life was your gift but death was not your choice,
You’re gone but I still hear your voice,
You bought joy into my life,
Without you my life is tough.

Your kindness was deeper than water in the beach,
You lifted me up when I couldn’t reach,
Look at me now I’m lost without hope,
Life is short like sky diving rope.

We were bonded by love each other,
Love is what we inherit in our mother.
My friend, my band;
When days are dark you hold my hand,
You just left me without saying goodbye to this land.