I gave you all of me,
Thinking you would give me,
All of you,
I mean my body,
And my soul,
Because I thought you loved me,
Then I gave you my heart,

You played with my heart
Like it was a doll,
You kicked my heart,
Like you were a soccer star,
You broke it into pieces,
Like a glass shattered on the floor,
Then you walked away,

I kept on screaming so loud,
Please don’t walk away from me,
But you never looked back,
You kept on walking away,
I watched you as you disappeared,
Like a midday ghost,

Tears of pain flowing down,
Over my cheeks,
Leaving my feelings confused,
Like I’m a mad person,
Not knowing what’s black,
Or white,
Now people say I am crazy,
Some say I am out of my mind,

You left a hole in my heart,
A hole of deep pain,
Now I’m just sitting in solitude,
Because you were my lover,
And my best friend
But you walked away,
Leaving me with just memories,
Because you walked away,